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    You’ve heard this theory that there are a large number of people walking around infected by the virus but completely asymptotic? After a day out running errands, I’m not convinced this is true. The virus is clearly having a cognitive impact on these people and they walk among us (or in front of us slowly, or just stand there in the middle of the aisle, or make left hand turns from the right hand lane, or argue with cashiers over 50 cent price discrepancy while there’s a line to the back of the store and it turns out they read the price wrong)
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    It’s been 10 years together!
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    Was just told I "must not be much of a car guy" since I don't know about the 2025 Pontiac Firebird that has apparently been on the car show circuit recently. Must have been pretty well hidden since I've been to each of the big 4 US car shows every year since about 2010.
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