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    You’ve heard this theory that there are a large number of people walking around infected by the virus but completely asymptotic? After a day out running errands, I’m not convinced this is true. The virus is clearly having a cognitive impact on these people and they walk among us (or in front of us slowly, or just stand there in the middle of the aisle, or make left hand turns from the right hand lane, or argue with cashiers over 50 cent price discrepancy while there’s a line to the back of the store and it turns out they read the price wrong)
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    It’s been 10 years together!
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    Today is 611!
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    I think the haters have to get over it and step into the reality of 2019 and the future. This is the next addition to the #Mustang family. The fact that it is an EV makes it even more interesting. I think it will sell well (for an EV) and do better than the Tesla Model X since it is significantly cheaper but still gets up to 300 miles range.
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    Unless you want to have your status updates moderated, cool it with the attacks.
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    Happy birthday to my love Albert
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    Was just told I "must not be much of a car guy" since I don't know about the 2025 Pontiac Firebird that has apparently been on the car show circuit recently. Must have been pretty well hidden since I've been to each of the big 4 US car shows every year since about 2010.
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    Last work day of the year. My client wants me back in January...which is good, really like working from home
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    Happy Birthday, Mr. Blu!
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    Satisfaction is setting a Project Status to 100%.
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    Happy birthday, per the C&G homepage. Hope Bellevue is treating you well.
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    Home Depot sweet Home.
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    I really like the looks of this new Buick EV Concept
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    Getting in the holiday spirit. #grinch #happythanksgiving
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    A nice end to a fun and exhausting day.
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    So the first subpoenas are going out....#maga.
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    Wherever you go, there you are.
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    My friend Mike Schiavone has a booth at the #pittsburghArtsFestival. Tomorrow is his last day. Stop by and take a look!
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    I don't care what anyone says about the science... LPs just sound better than CDs.
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    Are you looking for a tough and sturdy laptop? I'm selling this Lenovo Thinkpad T440p on Ebay. Freshly upgraded to a 180GB SSD and comes with 4gb of ram. Lenovo Thinkpads are some of the best business class laptops you can buy. If you're local to Pittsburgh, we can skip the shipping charges and just do a local drop off.
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    I have the feeling... and I hope I'm right... that there will be an increasing number of headlines starting with the words "Federal Judge blocks Trump's......" over the next days/weeks/months.
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    For as political as I am, I have never seen a single episode of House of Cards. From my understanding of the plot of the show.... I suppose today is as good a day as any to start the series.
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    My last flights of 2016 are tomorrow and I'm going to....just... barely... squeak into gold status. What's crazy is that I'm Platinum now which means I flew twice as much in 2015.... Yet I still feel like I got hit by a truck.
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    Veterans Rock our world for the freedoms we enjoy!
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    We had Brexit...Here is another round of rejection against the establishment, the globalists, the elites, the Open Border liberalism mindset!
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    Sad day in America when Racism, Sexual Assault and Ignorance wins over petty white collar crimes. Hopefully this will be a 1 trick pony and in 4 years we get two much better candidates to vote for that are focused on reaching across the table to counter parts and actually working for ALL of America.
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    Some will never be the man their mother is.
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    What do you get when you marry a Mustang and GT? http://www.autoblog.com/2016/10/28/ford-gt-mustang-sema-show-car/#slide-4250798
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    Since somebody took out the garbage... I'll clean up my " status "
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    "Often those that criticize others reveal what he himself lacks."
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    I guess I could come here to complain about others. But I won't
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    Repost from elsewhere: "We need to consider the following scenario. Election night, and it’s clear that Trump has been utterly trounced by Clinton. Yet, with Trump being a mentally ill, unhinged megalomaniac, who’s also convinced he’s a great historical figure, and able to whip up all kinds of hateful mischief – all media eyes are on not victorious Clinton, but rather on Trump (following the media’s entire history of Trump-addiction). And since we know that Trump’s own addiction is to attention, and to creating chaos as long as it keeps the focus on him, what can we expect him to do? Concede defeat graciously, like a gentleman? Or do whatever he can to keep the crazy train going? Alas, my money’s on the latter. In short, we need to consider that the damage already done to our country by this nutcase is only the beginning of what he’s prepared to do in tearing this country apart, post-election loss. I hope both Obama and Clinton realize this and are ready for absolutely anything." The problem is that Trump supporters are running around saying that if Clinton wins, the election was rigged, but it Trump wins then it wasn't rigged. And Trump is already saying that he might refuse to concede the election if he loses.
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    So this feed does show up on the home page. Hello fellow C&G members. Shame what some use it for however.
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    RT @JuliaScotti4: Takeaway from the debate. Clinton's vision for the future was clear concise and presidential. Trump was Nostradumbass. #D…
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    Taking a reader poll. Would an average 238 miles of range be enough for you go to electric?
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    Taking a reader poll. Would an average 238 miles of range be enough for you go to electric?
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    The new site looks great Drew!
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