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    I think Ocn was exaggerating. Never seen SBSP, but I see no resemblance.
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    You won't be able to... or more acurately, GM will make it stupid expensive to get and then options like adaptive cruise control or rainsense wipers which come standard on a Yaris will require $4,000 option packages to get and only available on the top trim.
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    With a large enough investment in Rivian, this is how GM gets their EV Pickup without compromising their existing platforms.
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    The crickets are his only friends since that’s all he seems to hear lol. Why else bother with yet more trolling remarks?
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    Well, you and I can figure it out, but I find most folks are not so good at that interchangeable stuff.....could see them falling off on the freeway...🤣
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    A 2 seat crossover EV coupe would be an ideal Corvette variation...
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    There is nothing wrong with taking a peek...but its pathetic trying to mask a tiny penis with strong "fake" masculinity... coocoo!! Made you look!!!
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    When a cartoon can propel me cross country with a payload Blu will have a point.
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    I could get worse. It could remain looking like the Spongebob, Square Pants character that it already resembles.
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    And GM will make it hideous like the Silverado.
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    Excellent...the times...they be a changing....
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    Agreed, considering that Tesla has shown not only their Semi Concept, but a real Tesla X pulling a Boeing plane that is 265,000 pounds of weight, Electric as a HD model would do wonders for Construction sites in the inner city where quiet is appreciated early in the morning when they start work.
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    So Ford is investing in Rivian. Good. Maybe Ford can finally tame the silliness that is the F-Series Super Duty with that HUGE Diesel engine and replace it with a superior platform. I am sick and tired of some truck owners insisting on all this "rolling coal" crap on any of our roads.
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    Must be that high maintenance ICE auto you drive since electrics do not chirp!
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    Nope, non exists as long as someone else delivers full size trucks and SUVs to meet the needs of Shreks like me. My money is the same green as anyone else. Just build what I want and like!
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    'may you live in interesting times'. It really is going to be interesting to see what the auto industry looks like in terms of product mix and powertrains in 5 years, 10 years, 15 years...
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    Very cool, found this on it too: http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/03/gm-advertised-but-never-sold-a-single-unit-of-the-samson-car-history-alley/ I see they had plans to produce 2,250 of these cars the first year and then 5,000 the second but none other than the prototype ever got built and while it was announced, it actually never went into production. Very interesting for GM and the acquired Samson tractor company.
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    This reminds me of a very very old thing from the early years of automodom.. both Henry Ford and Billy Durant went after basically Farmers in trying to appeal to them with farm vehicles.. One of which was a Farm car called the Samson Car. Powered by a Chevy engine, the Back was a bed for carrying stuff, but U could quickly install or remove the seats in the rear to accommodate a family of 9 or haul cargo. I don't thing it ever really got off the ground tho.
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    That's what training videos and manuals are for.. of course, to make this appealing to a younger market it should be dynamically reconfigurable via a phone app...transformers!
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    Applause all around for Rivian. Now if only GM would get around to their own version of this. . . .
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    This is very exciting, I wonder if one could get a longer bed then to replace the standard 4.5' bed. That would allow them to build a single truck with bed length options. The future of trucks / SUV's based on a skateboard concept is what will bring true customization to peoples orders as they can mix n match what they want in their auto. EXCITING TIMES!
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    If GM got the rights to use it, I could see them take the Skateboard platform and spread it across the whole family. Then maybe if the contract was done for reverse use, Rivian could pick up the HD version that GM applied to it and use it. Course I love to Dream of where we will go with EVs.
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    They're not going to do an HD version anytime soon. Other crossovers are coming first.
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    I don't think these will 5th wheel tow. They're rated for 10,000lbs max.
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    *puts on dark glasses and picks up cane* *POKE* Oh yeah, I see wut you mean!
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    I might have missed the point you were trying to make. Please explain. Slowly if you can. My brain sometimes lags...
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    I would definitely rock one if I could afford it.
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    Catch is people might want to learn how to use it.. 😮 The idea is great, but......
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    I dont see the resemblance myself, about that green cartoon character and the Rivian truck, but... the Rivian truck makes me think about a Star Wars Rogue One robot for whatever reason. K-2SO I do not like the looks of the Rivian truck too much. I think the vertical, race car track like accent LED lighting around the 4 circle LED lights look bizarre and out of place to the otherwise horizontal lines it has on its fascia. That contrast does not mesh well together in my opinion. But...because it looks different and unique to other front ends in the car biz, I think its a fantastic way to establish brand identity. Besides, it aint worse than this monstrosity The Rivian truck just looks geeky and may say that the owner is awkward socially. At least it does not scream out loud that the owner of a Silverado HD truck has a tiny penis!
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