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  1. No, the Lexus leaves me in a state of complete befuddlement. The Caddy however, is beautiful. Odd to see they went back to so many actual physical buttons.
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  3. Gotta be a lotta people out there who eating their words right now. Gorgeous for real. Inside, out and in between
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  5. Love the Burgundy color, reminds me of my grandpa's Brougham. I want that color on an Escalade EV!
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  6. Interior looks good. I like the front and rear, looking forward to seeing one in person. I can try and unsee the C-pillar.
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  7. I've liked the look since the '11 update, though I do think they look a bit stubby in profile. Many recent Cadillac sedans have the same short deck issue, IMO...
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  8. I'm not showing this to my mother. Nice looking rig, but the 2018 I just recently helped her get into is just fine for a 73 year old lady.
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  9. I don't even see cup holders..disturbing...did they forget them, or they hidden and power operated? It's a nice interior, with that flat windshield and angle, big square side windows, it kind of reminds me of how a luxury Wrangler Unlimited interior could look..
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  10. Maybe people fornicating with Buffalo over in the Lexus thread ain't so bad...a new level of hideous.
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  11. With a tad a whole lotta ugliness of an Acura MDX in the rear 1/4 glass window area
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  12. Why does this scream Ford Escape with a Kia Grill?
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