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    Designers: How many buttons should we have on this column? GM: Yes
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    Hard to beat those old 4Runners.
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    This setup looks badass with the KC light bar and front bull bar with lights. Has the intake snorkel too, it's ready to go.
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    I was just thinking the same thing! Nissan loves the cheap silver painted plastic, ugh. The switch gear and buttons below look very dated and cheap. The 4WD shift knob looks like it's out of a '95 F150. What's with the blanks in the top of the vents? They should have just made the whole thing an open vent if designed that way.
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    This looks so much better than the silver trim looking dash which actually looks dated and cheap to me.
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    I guess the only positive to overwrought Toyota (and Lexus) front ends is as a driver you can't see them from the driver's seat. The vertical elements at the edges remind me of similar nonsense on the Silverado. They should have made the grille fill the entire front with the headlights inset into it...
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    Sexy As hell! Thank you for snapping it!
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    drive Kit Ev convertion Kit To electric vehicle with warp 9 ราคาเท่าไหร่
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