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  1. You going to hand-shovel a ton & a half of wet stone into the back of a Suburban, trying to tarp the carpeted bottom & plastic sides of the interior to keep it from getting torn apart? Really? Re-read my post- people don't put LOOSE material of any considerable volume in a vehicle like a Suburban. Is it physically possible? Sure - but does it happen? But a lawn mower or a potted shrub or a few bags of mulch- a roofed SUV could handle as well as a 4-ft bed trucklette. The overlap in cargo capability of a 4-ft bed and a mid-size SUV is a LOT more than between a Suburban and a full-s
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  2. And READ my post. *On one hand you say and SUV like your friends Infiniti is perfectly fine for hauling stuff because all you need is a tarp and a vacuum. *On the other hand you say that this cannot be done with a Suburban for a different set of reasons. If you don't the issue I have here, then perhaps we need to move on from this because we are not going to see eye to eye here if you don't that issue. Again, vehicles like the Hyundai Santa Cruz do have multiple uses for multiple types of people. You just happen to not be one of them but you were
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  3. For shit like that I'd hire a landscaper, who would haul such content in a dump truck or trailer.
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  4. -So we are back to pick ups, not SUVs? I say that because you sure are not hauling 4x8 plywood in most if not any SUV. BTW, with the tail gate down, the Santa Cruz gains two more feet back there, putting it pretty close to a short bed full size pick up. From an article regarding the tailgate. "The bed is also 4 feet wide, designed specifically to be wide enough to carry home sheets of plywood from the big box store. That plywood rests on molded-in ledges above the wheelwells, and the tailgate can be adjusted to a half-open position level with the ledges to support the end of the pl
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  5. Yard projects: • One shouldn't be trying to transport -say- 4x4-8' timbers in a 4-ft long bed. • If you're getting bagged mulch, it's no problem to stack that in the back of a SUV with a piece of tarp or a blanket down. • Buying 6-8' trees is certainly uncommon, but either : grab a rental truck for $20, call a friend or see if you can lean it out the hatch window. • A boxed lawn mower or snow thrower will fit in just about any SUV. Not seeing much else in the 'yard department' that a 4-ft bed pickup can handle and a SUV can't. Large appliances (fridge, water heater) can be laid dow
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  6. Similarly, the way Canadians say the words "pasta" and "Mazda" surprised me, given the high number of ethnic types living there and who would pronounce it differently in their native tongues. Back to spotting: Midweek. I have a feeling these stickers are going to be on cars for a long time. It might be parallel to people in the South still thinking they're fighting the Civil War. Probably rides well and has a reliable 4.6L V8. I'm trying to be "glass half full" here.
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  7. Name: 2019 Chevrolet Equinox LS Category: Vehicles Date Added: 2021-02-15 Submitter: daves87rs 2019 Chevrolet Equinox LS
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  8. • IDK... my friend with the Infinity doesn't have to "hose out" or vacuum it whenever he hauls something around. Mulch is bagged at the HomeDepot, not loose- why are people vacuuming up after bagged items? A few pieces drop off, you shake off the blanket (or tip out the cargo liner), fold it up & you're done. It's not a major calamity. Same with the 'spilled fuel' (don't you have an electric snow thrower yet?? ) - how is that readily happening? • Full-size SUV's (say; a Suburban) has the interior length, but there are a number of things I mentioned earlier that it's not well suited
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