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  1. Hyundai News:2018 Hyundai i30 N Finally Debuts

    overall kinda mazda-ish...moreso with the dash...but kinda melty. like the screen and hvac slid down ...
  2. well, the '18's are stateside...but no news of what's different. http://www.jakesweeneymazda.com/new/Mazda/2018-Mazda-Mazda3-14c2853f0a0e0a6b3f0ee7391f0d0a14.htm
  3. June 2017: Mazda North American Operations

    guessing the '18 model info should be starting to show up in the next month or 2... curious when skyactiv gen 2 will make its debut.
  4. June Car Spotter Thread

    a blue/green tinted chromish audi. bently convertable i think
  5. June Car Spotter Thread

    we will. but now i'm working. contract job for intelligrated (honeywell).
  6. June Car Spotter Thread

    insurance... mine dropped ~33% from IL...
  7. 1975 Full-Size Olds Engine Oddity

    I was thinking of noting my bolded in your quote... I had never before seen "barrels" called out differently than bbl's
  8. Honda News: 2018 Honda Accord Drops the Six

    #4, according tho the ratios on honda's website, the ratio spread is 6.04. i'd guess they're aiming at more than 7:1... like GM and ford.. and others...will help MPG and smoothness that a 4cyl may lack compared to the v-6. just sayin.
  9. Porsche News: Porsche Accused of Using Illegal Software

    gah, i was just talking about the star trek timeline... but then comes warp tech.. in comes vulkans, then peace and expansion till... klingons, romulans, cardasians, the borg...
  10. Porsche News: Porsche Accused of Using Illegal Software

    careful, we don't want to invite WW3...
  11. just personal experience.. got a 5Y loan on my mazda when i bought it... I refi'd almost a year later to 66m and 1.76% Less. Over the past 2 years I had made 5 months ahead payments (was on track to pay it of in the original loan time)... this was good cause of my job loss, but planning to start one next week at more than 2x the pay i had been making.
  12. June Car Spotter Thread

    Not sure what kind my dad had, but i think he said it had the ~4ishL v8... Green outside... like a normal 60's/70's vehicle. hehe
  13. i'm just curious about weight, power, and gearing compared to something like a mazda6...
  14. will this e-assist be like pre 2017..kinda like the BAS system, or more like the 2-mode transmissions? it doesn't say what tranny the 2.5L will get either...
  15. also been modified... if jacked up, why wouldn't they modify the ECM code to allow this to happen?