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Status Updates posted by David

  1. Welcome back, so happy to see you back. You were missed! :D 

  2. Like the Hedge Trimmer pic Drew! Yard Work time! :P 

  3. Amazing what City people say when they move to the suburbs where they have never lived ever.

  4. 1 week to go till Spring starts and yet here Seattle is in the high 50's and raining hard and washing the lovely snow away in the mountains. Freezing level over 5000 ft. :(

  5. Snow, Lot's of it and a continuation of an awesome Ski season and a very green summer!

  6. Drew, are there pictures to go with your status? Where do I go to see them, would love to see them. :) 

    1. Drew Dowdell
    2. David


      That Rocks, such awesome snow. We have a paltry 5". :P 

  7. Slow responding Management is the Death of hard working team members! :palm:

  8. Mac and Cheese, make it with Whip cream, nothing could be more indulgent in the richness category! :P 

  9. Veterans Rock our world for the freedoms we enjoy!

  10. Loving the news on the New Ford Bronco. Wonder if it will get a Hybrid power train?

  11. Sad day in America when Racism, Sexual Assault and Ignorance wins over petty white collar crimes. Hopefully this will be a 1 trick pony and in 4 years we get two much better candidates to vote for that are focused on reaching across the table to counter parts and actually working for ALL of America.

  12. Choo Choo, Hydrogen Trains on the Mind! Wonder when the US will finally invest in proper fast mass transit light rail?

  13. Electrification auto's, from Pony cars to SUV's / Trucks. I see the clean world of no tailpipe emissions any longer on city or highway roads. This is gonna kill the Noise lovers like Harley Davidson. :D

  14. EV's, be they trucks, SUV's, Car's or Semi's, we are coming into the time of electron powered torque monsters.

  15. EV Auto's, who will have a complete SUV / Sedan / Convertible / Coupe solution first?

    1. hyperv6


      The EV SUV has a little time to go yet. Too much aero disadvantage for range for now. The large frontal area is a real range killer and why the X model is just a slightly taller S model

      Sedans will be next I expect Cadillac will address this at some point here.

      Coupe well that one is tough as any coupe is a hard sell and making it electric makes it more so difficult.

      Convertible Could make a neat halo car for Buick?

      The EV is not a profit car ye...

  16. At EMC World 2016 for the Next 7 days. What is your Software Storage Defined Solution you use?

  17. Alternative Power, EV or CNG, both are better than Petrol! :D

  18. CNG is on the Mind! How about YOU?

    1. hyperv6


      Only if you educate the average driver. It is a big unknown to most and if there is added cost to buy it is a big not interested to the rest.

      It will remain mostly fleet use and to those who can supply a easy fill station. Like Hydrogen it is a good idea but not on every corner. This is where the government needs to put some of their money vs. wind mills etc. Help put in the places to fill these fuels and more will be interested.

  19. I'm Thinking CNG, About you?

  20. Cleaning up the yard before the rain. Wish it would snow.

  21. Leaving tomorrow for Santa Barbra for a friends wedding back next week.

  22. CNG is on My Mind How about you?

  23. Sighhhh EMC is still the same idiot beast an 800lb gorilla can be. Time to look for new worki.

  24. So EMC, another big company that so could use an Enema!

  25. Finally Hired by the company that I went to work for as a contractor. Now to see if I can make a go of it back at a big Enterprise company again.

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