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  1. Lincoln Mark LT was sold from 2005 to 2008 US / Canade and till 2014 in Mexico. Cadillac Escalade EXT was sold from 2002 to 2015 for North America. Data from the following web site: http://carsalesbase.com
  2. Only if it is Formula E, I see no reason to waste money on Formula 1.
  3. Just finished a test drive in the all new XT6. Looks much better in person, front end reminds me too much of the Blazer. Get up and go is great, auto really moves for AWD sport edition that I drove. Fit n Finish is very good, just found a few things that most people would not notice. The CUV is very sharp looking and it will sell in decent numbers for Cadillac. Once the front seat is set for me, the back seat I can get into, but I straddle the front seat. Shame for us big guys the interior is so tight. Nav is snappy and responsive, over all it worked relaxing well. Found no problem with the transmission as it was silky smooth in up-shifts and down. They have a winner winner chicken dinner on their hands in a battle for who has the best steak meal. Sad. I will say I am very disappointed in the presentation of the Engine bay. They really should have had a better cover over everything. Also, this would then cover up the single hood strut support point you can see affixed I. The upper right corner to the strut column. I get it that in lower trims this gets a single.shock to hold open the hood, but it should not be there on this cadillac. Have to say this was a very nice fully loaded XT4, but with custom grill package and custom wheel package, $56k is way too much.
  4. At my local Cadillac dealership for an oil change on the SS. Watched them prep this and move it in for sale. According to my sales rep, was traded in for a CT6 Blackwing.
  5. Nope NEVER gonna happen, Toyota is missing a very important DNA link to get a full size Body on Frame truck right. Called Red Neck DNA which is missing from the Japanese society. Without this, they will never understand the individualistic nature of die hard, hard core Truck buyers that will never leave their birth truck for another brand.
  6. I know both sides of my family are german, have never visited the huge felt clan in Missiouri which of all places is weird to me considering that both sides came from the mountains of Germany. I am happy with my life, my local family and have never really saw why some need to know their last 4, 5 or more generations of family. Interesting to say the least. On Depeche Mode this morning as I work.
  7. It is in the same category of MB Vaporware Hypercar thing that has not been made street legal and keeps getting delayed, delayed, delayed and I suspect canceled and refunds issued. If they actually do deliver the auto, it will be to people in countries that do not have emission rules and by then NO ONE WILL CARE as the hype will be gone from this hyper car as everyone will be focused on this Lotus over a petro guzzling global warming auto that cannot idle at the stop light.
  8. Sounds to Voice is perfect now. Only thing to do now to finish the polish is use a diffuser in front of the mic to keep the pop from your voice when you start to speak. This will blend out what we all do when we start talking, the natural pop in our voice. Nice Job Drew, you took a marketing video, added your own twist with a pleasing background music and clear information about the new models. Excellent job, more companies would benefit from a delivery like this over the hyped up fast n furious cut cut cut cut cut puke of info in less than a min approach they are using today.
  9. I think that will be truly delivered once GM has their skateboard platform that will allow an easy shell swap between brands with different software programming and just attach the new carriage to the skateboard and ship it.
  10. GM should have done this before all the Italian garbage auto's did it and everyone else. They could have been leading in this segment 40 plus years ago. Now I think due to Marketing, it is a requirement that the Corvette goes mid engine, yet this could also be a testing as they are still making the traditional last gen corvette for a while too. Be interesting to monitor corvette sales and see which one comes out on top. Yes and your comment is such a Millennial thing to say!
  11. Yea, Saw that but questioned if it was legit since Ford has never led like that, but then on hind sight, I guess they are leap frogging the luxury auto's with Lincoln. Dedicated Spark plug gap tool?
  12. Amazing old Iron, not sure what year, but in mint condition. @balthazar what year? I always laugh when I see these magnetic stickers on a foreign name plate. Yes I know it is American built, but the profits still go back to japan.
  13. 2020 Ford Police Interceptor anyone? Gotta think it has the twin turbo V6 or NA V8?
  14. @Drew Dowdell @William Maley Seems Corvette 2020 stuff is leaking. WOW talk about a lot of buttons on this interior. Just on the center dash, I count 23 buttons not including the touch screen.
  15. Love the consistent tone, very informative and like the video editing cuts. My only thought is the same as @balthazar where the music needs to be dialed down to background music. At the start have the music start out even lower and come up to 50% of your own voice level. Other than that, I really enjoyed it.

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