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  1. This one is a weird looking Canyon what is speculated to be Bronco test mule. https://www.motor1.com/news/360657/weird-colorado-test-mule-ford/ Seems Hertz has decided to start renting 480 and 720 hp Camaro's from Hendrick Motorsports. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a29103703/hertz-chevy-camaro-rentals-hendrick-motorsports/
  2. 6x6 USA builds these trucks and I guess they were never designed to go up a small hill. Seems pictures of it in camo and an oops uncovered shell hit the news. https://www.motor1.com/news/371560/ford-baby-bronco-spy-shots/ Seems Ford Bronco is testing in Australia https://www.motor1.com/news/368204/ford-bronco-test-mule-australia/
  3. Frozen Pizza Anyone, DiGorno and Tombstone truck hits overpass and send pizza flying everywhere for a 4hr clean up. https://twitter.com/myARDOT/status/895357793007534080 https://t.co/9hVsA3y897
  4. Charged EV is stating in their story covering all the EV's coming from VW that the company has hit the below magic $100 per kWh battery pack cost. https://chargedevs.com/newswire/as-vw-shows-2-new-evs-in-frankfurt-has-it-brought-battery-costs-under-100-kwh/ If this is true, then the ID4 Cross that is slated to hit the US dealerships next year could be the game changer that VW is touting and that industry analyst say will bring EVs below Legacy ICE auto costs. To quote the story posted above: Ralf Brandstätter, COO of the Volkswagen brand, wouldn’t be drawn – when the New York Times recently asked him whether the automaker had reached the magic number, he just grinned and said, “We are the company that will provide electromobility for all.” However, another exec, who declined to be identified, said that the company was paying “less than $100/kWh for batteries.” Good Follow up to the Charged EVs story as this one has VW execs on record that EVs will be an apple to apple price comparison. https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1125078_vw-s-us-electric-car-pricing-apples-to-apples-vs-internal-combustion If this holds true, this will be a game changer that many will take home charging EVs at the same price of an ICE with less maintenance and fueling costs. Quoting this story: “Our goal is to make the comparison to a comparable internal combustion car—for example, versus a Tiguan,” said Volkswagen of America CEO Scott Keogh to Green Car Reports, last week at the Frankfurt auto show. “When I can put these two apples to apples. I think that is positioning it for the masses.”
  5. School districts are looking to retire Diesel buses fast and looking to states to help pay for the change over to EV buses. Michigan state has agreed to help cover 70% of the cost for multiple school districts that have moved forward with purchasing EV school buses. 17 Proterra EV buses to start. https://chargedevs.com/newswire/michigan-school-districts-to-buy-17-electric-buses/
  6. Agree that the Glossy wood accents in GM or for that matter any auto companies product looks fake and cheap to me too. Yes various members are nitpicking to attempt to justify MB doing the same thing as GM.
  7. While a small investment compared to Detroit investments, any is always good.
  8. Very cool that these will be around for those that want them. Interesting observation is the number of Fiat's based off the Miata that are on the used market around here. Seems people are dumping them.
  9. Today on the way home to the bus stop.from work, I saw this police car followed by a manufacture plate full size truck that had tubes all over Nd then I saw on the back a camera hanging with red light clearly recording. I look where the camera was pointed at and a standard size Yukon with no plate, but also a nose I had never seen before. Got my phone out in the rain to snap this pic, this refresh??? Yukon was followed by a current year yukon 2019 with manufacture plates and then a seattle motorcycle with lights on. Clearly recording something in the Emerald City.
  10. Interesting story as the wages come out and how they average across the 3 Detroit companies with entry at 15 to 17 an hour and skilled, legacy and production making up to 36, 33 and 29 an hour. Average worker on the assembly line this year has made between 75 to 100,000 salary plus bonus for assembly line work. I know nurses and engineers that do not make that. UAW is well paid and they are being greedy. Intersting how the stories are showing that the UAW has a $750 million war chest to handle strikes but felt it was important to increase this so took higher dues to bring it to $850 million for this GM strike which is to set the tone for strikes against Ford and FCA. Something stinks in the UAW Leadership.
  11. Seems Saudi Arabia says full production restored, Oil has dropped 6% in after market trading. WOW talk about fast repair on such a major attack. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/oil-plunges-as-saudi-arabia-says-production-fully-restored/ar-AAHq96u?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=wispr
  12. While the black and brown is much better than all black or all tan, it still looks like an attempt at building a ricer auto with the same cheap plastic circle vents you find in Fords. Pass, CT5 and 4 still look better to me.
  13. It is loads better than that all black C-Class I got off their web site. That is a plastic nightmare on par with that sterile black and grey mess for the A-Class.
  14. If I was a Rich Bitch with Money to Burn, I would sign up to see just what the costs are to Certify with the EPA here: https://www.epa.gov/ve-certification https://www.epa.gov/ve-certification/certification-and-compliance-onroad-vehicles-and-engines https://www.epa.gov/ve-certification/certification-heavy-duty-hd-commercial-trucks-and-buses-and-onroad-hd-engines Would be interesting to know what the actual costs are for engine certification.
  15. CT4 versus A-Class Dash versus C-Class Dash I will honestly say the C-Class looks dated to the Cadillac or A-Class and the A-Class leans more towards Tech than Luxury which is what I get out of the CT4. Different strokes for different folks. Older will like the CT4 over the A-Class younger will probably go with the A-Class. The A-Class and C-Class are far more sterile in my opinion than the CT4. A-Class Interior - Very Sterile and Blah to me. C-Class interior - All black leaves one with a very sterile look and those cheap plastic circle vents on both do not look good to me.

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