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  1. Pass, no need for the Diesel, plenty of better options exist. Time to put down the heavy dirty fuel and move forward with greener technology.
  2. WOW, for some reason I never saw the Bronco as a full size other than OJ's version. All the Bronco's I ever saw was the mid to small size. Thanks for the correction Cubical. Very cool info from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Bronco Interesting that I always saw a ton of Original Bronco's and Bronco II's in Washington but not too many Full size Bronco's which would explain me thinking it was a upsize between the original and the II. Have to say the Centurion Bronco is interesting.
  3. That is the wrong comparison as the Bronco has always been a mid-size to small SUV. Bronco is in the same category as the wrangler. Plenty of Ford Bronco / Jeep Wrangler comparisons. Yes Ford did do a full size Bronco that OJ drove, but that was a fluke much like the full size Durango, the bulk were mid to small suv size.
  4. Simple, 17 car brands are rated better than MB in 2017, 15 brands rated better in 2016, 14 brands rated better in 2015, 13 rated better in 2014, 11 rated better in 2013, 8 rated better in 2012. I could go on but as one can see, in just the last 5 years MB quality is not #1. Just in case you think I am making this up, here are the last 5 years posted by J. D. Powers IQS. Clearly MB is following the same path as Cadillac in the 80's of going down hill every year and getting worse and worse. So many better products out there than MB. Clearly MB is hitting their sales climax and decline is around the corner. I fully expect some mags will praise this wanna be truck but hopefully many will see just how pathetic and cheap of a job MB did on this pickup.
  5. Sounds like Ford is even having challanges in trying to define what the Bronco will look like and how it will compete. At least they are using a decent off road standard. Wrangler like no other! Course a Rubicon Wrangler Rocks!
  6. Buick News: 2018 Buick Regal GS Shows Up With 310 Horsepower

    So your saying at 40K plus options you wonder if this is a 50K car and that the engine, awd and handling is nothing special?
  7. No, MB is LOOSING at the Luxury game and only has the Profits due to the whoring out of the E class as the taxi of Europe. MB is now just another Toyota, Ford, etc. Taking your stance, FORD is the Leader of the world due to their Truck sales numbers. So MB clearly is afraid to try and compete unlike GM. Instead MB makes garbage CLA/GLA auto's and sells the most expensive S Class sedan per your words but with heavy discounts. So one has to question how much of a luxury auto maker is MB when they have to rely so heavily on the lower end market, commercial trucks, buses and vans?
  8. Buick News: 2018 Buick Regal GS Shows Up With 310 Horsepower

    Cool Wonder if I will see them on the pass with ski racks. Buick becomes GM's version of Subaru?
  9. 2018 Buick Regal GS 7.jpg

    About time GM got with Brembo for use in more applications. Looks like a dual piston brake. Nice!
  10. Heard that before, Believe it when you see it.
  11. Thank you for admitting that MB could not compete in the US for the truck business. This just proves it with this rebadge job they did.
  12. Yea, who would want incapable cars? After all so many Douchebags drive them!
  13. GM did the right thing to dump the ball and chain of the past garbage. After all that is what bankruptcy is for but sales of the SUV segment for GM did not drop that much to say it was not selling.
  14. Interesting, other than the Diesel option, the Buick Envision would be a better buy.