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  1. Ford News: Rumorpile: Ford Could Cut C-Max, Fiesta, & Taurus

    This is pretty clear that it is needed to reduce car plates due to lack of interest.
  2. Ultimate Dream Garage: 10 Cylinder Edition

    Doing this from work, so sorry, no pics: Top 5 V10 production auto's Ram 2006 SRT-10 1999 Viper ACR 2005 Ford Excursion 2016 Force 1 V10 from VLF (link) (2nd Link) (3rd Link) 2015 VW Touareg V10 TDI We'll tried to stay all American, but just could not find any other auto even historical ones so VW won out.
  3. 2018 Tiguan Drive

    Would love to see some of your own pics here like the back with 2nd and 3rd row folded down. Also would like to see at night the Virtual Cockpit and a comparison photo of it during the day. Be interesting to see. Appreciate the honest multiple drive review, always good to see they have a solid foundation, but clearly need to tweak it a bit. I will never understand why come out with less than the best impression for an auto and then at the end of life after say 7 or 8 years they finally build it the way everyone says they should have built it from day one. My 2006 Escalade ESV Platinum is that way, they finally addressed everything that people were asking fro since 2001. Wish they would bring it out as the best possible then say where and how do we take it from here. I think auto companies would gain loyal and strong sales compared to some of the lackluster auto's that disappointed people after showing a hot concept auto that was green lighted.
  4. Lack of Information Has Model 3 Reservation Holders Anxious

    At one point I remember them showing 340,000 reservations and now maybe 40,000 will get the $7,500 write off from the GOV. 200,000 Canceled Reservations! 50,000 reduced feature buys and 50,000 hard core loyalist that will wait till they can buy fully loaded AWD Tesla 3. @oldshurst442 Did I disappoint ya Olds? I expect @ocnblu to pop in and say SEE, I TOLD YA SO, No one Wants EV's. I expect @A Horse With No Name to make some witty post. I expect @smk4565 to post his usual of they need more CUV's than cars. I expect @surreal1272 to post about supply and demand and other interesting tidbits about the Musk controlled world. The list could go on and on and on as to what I expect and might not even get! And with that I leave you with how Tesla Leaves me!
  5. Ultimate Dream Garage: 10 Cylinder Edition

    Does the Dodge Tomahawk V10 bike count?
  6. Understandable, but the market has changed. Just hope that a few large sedans survive for those that want them over a CUV / SUV.
  7. No DO NOT be Sorry! I totally agree, this BS is why Dealerships suck and I am very clear and direct when I go to help family, friends and my own kids buy auto's. No need to deceptive BS in today's auto buying. ATTENTION DEALERSHIPS: You want Respect, You want Money, Then compete on Price, Service and Professionalism. Otherwise, let the dealerships fail and let the OEMs sell direct. No reason to not have set clear pricing that Costco, Sams Club or the OEM can do.
  8. Jaguar News: 2018 Jaguar XJR575 Adds More Power

    Nice, interesting spec, surprised that they are using a knock off of MB air vents. Also the steering wheel looks like something from the 70's, dated and old with that thick ass circle center covering the airbag. Over all not bad otherwise, but the brakes do look undersized for this full size sedan with that power.
  9. 2018 Chevrolet Traverse is at dealers

    To each their own. Call Jet what you want, you only get out of it what you put into it. I know for a fact that Jet Chips can and do perform but then when I rebuilt my V8 and bored it to a 402, I also went hot on the cam and ported and polished the heads. Once the engine work was done, I ran and tested it on the GM default mgmt. chip. Then I ordered up the Jet chip giving them all the info on the modifications of the motor. The new Chip clearly delivered a much appreciated boost. Chips alone give little gain, but when added with better air sensors, throttle bodies, etc., they do their job. Basic Trifecta chip does about the same as a basic Jet chip using info supplied by GM yet if you look at the full picture, tweak other items that also can affect performance and use a chip programmer to tweak the code, you can get plenty of performance. End result is this was not a plug for Jet, but more of the statement that they are various 3rd party products that can and do enhance engine performance beyond what GM has done. Heck you can even go with GM Performance kits that also will boost your fun.
  10. 2018 Chevrolet Traverse is at dealers

    Nice part is you can gain 25HP/Torque and up depending on stage 1 or 2 of performance chips from Jet and others. Some very cool and easy mods that can greatly unleash the potential of the engine. Course I would also change out the Airflow sensor at the same time so it can truly unleash the beast in the engine.
  11. I can understand that as I had my head unit replaced in the first 5K miles when new, but since been rock steady. Weird, but I do think with so many electronics in the world, products either are built right the first time or not and sadly swapping them out is a fact of life. I know both BMW and MB owners that have gone through many head units in their own auto and then traded in for something new. So this is not just a cadillac issue. Bummer to hear your brother had that happen, but hopefully the latest unit is current on software and working fine. In regards to internal size, yes they all fall within an inch or two of the same measurements in one way or another. Sadly if you are just tall like me or have long body, short legs / arms or long legs & arms, short body, the ATS does seem to work fine in the front but kill's the back seat for room especially headroom, but then so does every other auto in this class at least for me, Shrek size. Bug's also do not fit for me. Wife loves the design, size, etc. but sucks for interior room for big guys like me. as to why I will always be in full size SUV's. That of course will not stop me from test driving cars and checking them out. Always fun to get into them and dream if it was only Eldorado 70's size for me. FYI - Arnold Schwarzenegger was my idol growing up as I was 6ft tall at age 12, my dad got me into body building and at age 50 I am still a die hard gym nut. So big is me when it comes to fitting into auto's.
  12. Jeep News: Why is Jeep Not Doing So Hot In Sales?

    While I totally understand what is being said here, the bigger challenge is not if but when Ford and GM bring in Wrangler equal products and continue to update their SUV/CUV product line that will eventually outperform Jeep. Jeep has the name, but FCA does not have the deep pockets to keep Jeep a true competitor to others. I actually expect Jeep to stay on line with sales and maybe a 1% up tick as refresh comes out but I do not expect them to capitalize on how hot the SUV/CUV market is right now. The billions that could have really made Jeep, Ram, Dodge current and on fire has been wasted propping up Fiat and trying to bring Alfa back from the dead. Sergio the Idiot has destroyed what should have been a no brainer when he took the US brands over. Very sad!
  13. Yes the ATS is small for big people, but spot on when compared to all the other competitors. QUE, Same excuse, people seem to bash when they do not know how to use it. Plus, since your brother got his ATS, has he done any of the free updates? Que right now is so much better than when it came out and I have to say User Error more than anything. Like the crappy BMW and MB systems or even FORD or Toyota, when you do not use it daily, they all seem to be a challenge and poorly designed. My nieces Ford Flex system drives me nuts, yet for her she thinks it works great compared to the rare time she uses her mom's escalade. The Nav / Touch screen systems in auto's today are very subjective to what you are very familiar with, otherwise you can say they all suck or all are awesome.
  14. Word Association

    Gypsys Tramps and Theives Cher was awesome even in the 70's