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  1. elmarianexx

    Your dream car?

  2. elmarianexx

    Your dream car?

    What would your dream car look like? Feel free to post images of the cars you would want to have in the future or already have.
  3. elmarianexx

    Spring weather...

    Quite outdated topic, but right now in Poland it's Winter and it's a quite warm Winter for Poland this year, luckily.
  4. elmarianexx

    Hello Kitty here

    Hello Kitty & welcome to CAG.
  5. elmarianexx

    New here

    Hello. Welcome to the forum Cheers and Gears! Hope that you will stay here a little longer and that you will enjoy it here. It's a big community full of lots of nice people.
  6. elmarianexx

    Your hobbies?

    What are your hobbies apart from your interest in cars and motocycles? My hobby is writing, sports (running, swimming, floorball), reading and watching anime.
  7. elmarianexx


    Lol, me. Too much of photoshop, I guess.
  8. elmarianexx

    What Are You Listening To?

    Right now I'm listening to Skrillex - Ruffneck Later on my playlist is Marilyn Manson - Deep six (from his new album, yay!)
  9. Oh dear! That photo made me laugh, is this really true that this child is smoking 40 cigs each day, lol?
  10. elmarianexx


    Hello and welcome to Cheers and Gears! Enjoy your stay in this wonderful community.
  11. elmarianexx

    Texting and driving now illegal in 30 states

    Good, it's all done for safety on roads and as we know there's tons of car crashes everyday, so we should all hope that this will prevent it even in a small scale.
  12. elmarianexx

    Hello everyone!

    Hello there ! Welcome to Cheers and Gears. This community is full of kind people, so hope that you will enjoy your stay here.../
  13. elmarianexx

    Oil Price Drops Worst To Come?

    Hope not, but well we will see what happens in 2015. Time will solve our wounds.
  14. elmarianexx

    Hey guys!

    Hello Zach and welcome to Cheers & Gears! It's nice to meet you, and hope to see you around this forum.
  15. elmarianexx

    Hey everyone!

    Hello ! It's nice to meet you Jessica, I'm Liz. If you have a passion for cars then welcome here !

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