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  1. Yeah...that would be a personal opinion. I like both equally. But no matter which one you think is better looking, you cannot deny that the other is NOT not good looking.
  2. @trinacriabob I was listening to those clips above and others a few weeks back. I was shocked to see that in some parts of Southern Italy, Greek is spoken still and mixed with Italian. I knew that about Sicily, but not on mainland Italy. I was even shocked to learn, this was yesterday, that a classic 1980 Giannis Poulopoulos song was but a cover. An Italian cover. From 1974. And there is a catch, the song was written and sung by a very popular Italian singer, but the song was written and sung...in Greek. Origi
  3. That is a noice Oldsmobile too! I missed it! Thank-you for posting it!
  4. There is something about gold Oldsmobiles...
  5. OK Im very interested in your analysis. Like I have said in the past, I like to pick your brain with stuff like this!
  6. More of an Italian car industry problem rather than a design problem?
  7. Do not be like OCNBLU If you dont like them, you dont need to be confused as to why others actually DO like them. I did say this later on. But it does NOT change the fact that even if these may NOT be BOTH of our style of cars, we CAN appreciate them for what they are or what they look like. Or you may NOT like the way they look, which is fine, I like them. They are beautiful. Well, maybe NOT the car in this commercial, but you get the idea with the sexy visuals, song choice and the lovely Italian language!
  8. Ive been thinking about this all this time. And although I do agree with you that some lines, like how David pointed out on that C pillar, is awkward, I feel that THIS car's beauty is MORE than the sum of its parts. And although at this angle, like you say, the undercarriage seems to be unfinished as you could see the ugly pipes of the exhaust system too much, it could have been done better, the lines, ALL lines do flow smoothly from front to back. I will disagree with @David by him mentioning that those bumperettes are not pleasing to the eye, they are no more "vulgar" or u
  9. I like Ferraris. Usually. More than Lamborghinis. More than Porsches. These types of cars are not the types of cars Id buy had I had the money (including Corvettes), but they do brighten up the roads when you see one. Any of one of them so-called exotic things. They also do beautify a teenager's bedroom (with posters) of them or pics in a beautiful cars thread. I prefer modern Ferraris over any other modern exotic super or hyper car. Even though I think that modern Ferraris are also overdone. Looks like it could be Aston Martin rather than a Ferrari. But hey...its a start.
  10. Wasnt THE Trans Am version of the Firebird more or less a Cougar competitor? Although I do agree that an Oldsmobile F-Body would have been a better fit. Maybe. It would have been a sportier version of a personal luxury coupe. But it would have also been a less expensive model of Oldsmobile's very own personal luxury coupe that is the Cutlass SX. Would THAT be a good idea having a cheap pony car sold above the price tag of an already expensive Trans Am but being a cheap pony car non-the-less and offering not much more than what a Trans Am could offer anyway, and probably be LESS f
  11. I heard a story about how corporate didnt want to jeopardize and cannibalize Corvette sales and forced Pontiac to use Chevrolet's new F Platform that would house the Camaro. Having two 2-seater sports cars would be a money losing preposition for both brands. And I think they would be right. Although it would have been awesome to have seen it alive. But then again, the Firebird/Formula/Trans Am was quite the success and quite the exciting sports car itself. I would have loved to have seen a 2nd generation Fiero. I would have preferred that corporate would have NOT interfered w
  12. Awesome bike! A couple of other songs for your ride back home AND for your rides that you will be making on that bike
  13. A couple-ah songs for ya rollin' and countin' down south And I really dont know how far South you are goin', but here...Southern Rock!
  14. I was inspired by Balthy's posts in the Random Thoughts thread I nearly bought one in the early '90s, but my dad intervened. Told me the car is tooo old. I was willing to learn to wrench on it. But my dad, I guess, didnt have the energy to go through all that. I blame myself for not learning enough from him when he did have the energy to go through all that. I regret NOT listening to him and I should have bought it anyway. But I was a good son in many ways that I ALWAYS listened to him and his advice. If there was any time I should have rebelled against him, it was that time.
  15. The only car I could tell who was driving was the Porsche. And like you, it was a Boomer. A 70-ish year old man. He looked good and proud driving it. He deserved a high five from me!
  16. I had the day off. Went to Mount Royal (cemetery) to visit my parents. Beautiful day. Sun. Not a cloud in the sky. 68F. 1. light blue C4 Corvette convertible near the mountain top. 2. light brown, air cooled mid '80s Targa Porsche 911 on the outskirts of downtown Montreal. Griffintown. I was checking up the possible location of where the Tampa Bay Rays might be playing when we have them. 3. Not one, but TWO Pontiac Solstices near my neighborhood coming home. One red the other dark green.
  17. Maybe true, for today's world. Performance metrics are thrown out the window. I wonder how long that kind of debauchery will last though. Last time I checked, sales derived profits are what makes a business, any business, stay alive... I wonder when all that imaginary money dries up, and there are no more idiot investors trying to make a quick buck STOP the money faucet, I wonder what all those Wallstreet up sellers and short sellers and fast money makers and con artists and thieves and get rich quick scammers and shyte disturbers and filth of the earth will do? Tesla is not goin

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