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  1. Because everyone had a crystal ball a year ago during one of the most unprecedented economic collapses of our time (please note heavy use of sarcasm here). Companies like Hertz going bankrupt have zero to do with the circumstances of the past year so maybe you beed to go back and read WHY they had to sell their inventory last year. If they want to stay afloat and pay their staff (or bot go bankrupt), that is what they have to do when the money stops flowing all of a sudden. Knowing things like that, what would you have done different?
  2. Not really. The gas models start at (and go way up from): It is a jump but it's not THAT big of a jump. When factoring in fewer parts to upkeep and/or replace, that gap closes even more.
  3. 2 at the very least! That's jacked up and should never happen right off the hauler.
  4. No one will ever convince me that the current gen Durango is not just a taller Magnum. For the record, I got really bored at 1AM and decided to confirm for myself and import the top image into Photoshop have a little fun. Everything there is pure Durango except where I cropped off the top and angled the rear profile down to resemble the Magnum profile. Even the nose is all Durango, just pinched. Looks spot on like a Charger. It's not a perfect conversion overall but you get the idea. They screwed up not giving the Magnum at least one more generation IMO. Imagine a Hellcat Ma
  5. It is not a fun thing. I love hiking but I am very selective when it comes to vantage points. Sometimes its not so bad and other times, it damn near paralyzes me. There is no middle ground with it.
  6. That bridge is a... ...for me Beautiful but my vertigo will simply not allow me to do that.
  7. Two door is the way I would go (and the V6). Who knows? Maybe one year I can swing a $40K splurge. For now, I'll just have to enjoy the lunchbox (what I call my Flex).
  8. I have no doubt about that. I would take one over a Wrangler any day.
  9. From what I understand, they still have the same problems with wind and noise. Just a hard no for such a niche vehicle that routinely prices over $40K.
  10. Every time I ride in Wrangler of any year, I feel like a bobblehead with palsy. Would never, in a million years own one with my back and hip problems.
  11. Here are some articles I have found regarding disappoint Gladiator owners. https://www.motorbiscuit.com/this-2020-jeep-gladiator-owner-is-so-disappointed-hes-getting-rid-of-it/ And apparently going mudding goes against the warranty, thus leading me to ask "What is point of this?" https://www.thedrive.com/news/38601/jeep-gladiator-owner-fixing-her-own-truck-after-dealer-allegedly-voids-warranty-for-mudding
  12. On the surface, its a nice enough looking ride that pays homage to the Scrambler days of old but it is horrendously overpriced and underperforms on nearly every level that is not related to off-roading, not to mention the host of quality issues already plaguing them.
  13. I found this line very amusing while reading up on Fiskers current doings. It's real easy to go after EV "pipe dreamers" when they fail once or twice and it's even easier when you want to ignore some simple facts of the past. Like this line: It took Henry Ford three tries to start his own successful car company. Henrik Fisker is on his second try with his new company, Fisker Inc. How'd that work out for him btw? I forget. I do know that even after a century in business, Ford still has it fair share of issues yet no one is calling for them to be shut down (except for rab
  14. Because much like every other industry out there, not all of them can be "winners" but maybe I'm just guilty of using common sense here instead of using sensationalism and exceptionalism to make a point.
  15. A century in use overall yet some folks still can't build a manual transmission worth a damn. It also adds to why I think the Gladiator is one the most overhyped vehicles released in the last 30 years (at least) and I'd have a hard time finding one from the past that was so overpriced, so utterly useless as a pick up (apparently it can not safely tow anything), and so typical of the company that owns it now. How do you F up a six speed manual in a JEEP? https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a34761896/2020-jeep-gladiator-mojave-reliability-maintenance/

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