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  1. One brand fans are not car fans. They are brand fans. There is a difference.

  2. Stop walking into gun fights with a butter knife.

  3. If you like only one brand of cars, then you are not a car fan. You are a one brand fan.

  4. Put it in all CAPS!

  5. Want to try that again?

  6. The quitters group is now accepting members.

  7. When you try to bring your drama from somewhere else to here, you are truly a worthless individual.

  8. Does it burn when you slip?

  9. Whenever I run'n'burn, I make sure to SlipNot.

  10. Does it burn when you run?

  11. Fanboy children need not apply. Head back to MT with that $h!.

  12. Now offering free duct tape for those who can't stop spewing BS.

  13. You can't be holier than thou when you are full of holy $h!.

  14. You're not trolling but you use terms like "sir general moron" and claim you're not trolling. Alrighty then.

  15. Attention seeking f**k nuts need not apply.

  16. When you realize that negative votes mean the truth hurts. Deal with it.

  17. Idiots, idiots, all the way to the top.

  18. Why do some people go out of their way to make no sense at all?

  19. Honestly there are some supremely sore losers around here. Kids disguised as adults.

  20. When I make a mistake, I admit it. Clearly that is not a policy shared by many here.

  21. It amazes me how some trolls never learn and always lie.

  22. It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets butthurt again.

  23. People suck. That is all.

  24. One can only handle so much stupidity before he starts issuing out helmets.

  25. Some should just drink a glass of $h! the hell up before they spill it all over themselves.

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