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  1. The world of the buttworld has apparently gotten just a little big bigger this week.

  2. Always make sure to display your fanboyism in all CAPS.

  3. Do quitters tend to walk around buck naked?

  4. Some quitters just can't stay away. They are unwelcome "guests".

  5. I am always amazed at the sad trolls who have to validate themselves through a damn car maker. It's even sadder when they don't even own anything by said auto maker.

    1. El Kabong

      El Kabong

      Hey, if GM offered a half-ton with a diesel and air springs is go for it *L*

  6. Thanks to the quitters who look but can't touch. You are not missed.

  7. Get your blue oval parrot today!!

  8. Do some here actually have an original thought here as opposed to just parroting everything someone else said?

  9. Why has everyone been so damn butthurt here lately? Peace out for a bit. It's not worth it to me.

  10. Oh no! I was down voted for criticizing a Ford product. What ever will I do?

  11. Facts are like holy water to some folks around here. It burns when it hits them.

  12. Do away with the vote system, do away with the children who have nothing better to do.

  13. Quitters always quit and are never sought after.

  14. Love a good old fashioned day of reckoning.

  15. It's pretty bad when you are no longer allowed to post but yet you can't stop visiting.

  16. Beware. Stalkers lurk in the shadows.

  17. Red is my favorite color.

  18. I think I'll go pick some cherries today.

  19. A day of mourning.

  20. It is pitiful when you can't even make a damn statement without some assclown chiming in with his condescending two cents.

  21. Beware the fanboys. They travel in packs.

  22. Some clearly can't function on their own.

  23. Quitters make the world a happier place.

  24. I love it when stalkers who came here after me, call me a stalker. That's rich!

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