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  1. Buried a family member today.  Politics suddenly don't matter.

  2. What a game!! What a series!!!

    Congrats to the Cubs!!!

    Now I can go to sleep....

  3. Why is it that bibles can be read in prison, but not school.

    1. Frisky Dingo

      Frisky Dingo

      Because they have no place in an educational setting. It is a state funded entity intended to teach youth. A millenia old fictitious book with 0 intellectual value should is not part of that process.

    2. Wings4Life(BANNED)


      Funny, I always found that readings and discussions about existentialism, helps to balance an individual by improving their   emotional quotient (EQ). The Bible can provide that, academic study does not. Our society’s quickly growing existential crisis, can surely benefit from a small dose of bible teachings.  Or perhaps you have an explanation as to why the many other assigned  “fictional” readings, are somehow more beneficial and justified?

    3. Frisky Dingo

      Frisky Dingo

      In a course dedicated to such, I have no problem with it. So long as it balanced out by learning of other religions/forms of spirituality/whatever. I took your question to mean to just be incorporated into school like the Pledge of Allegiance, or prayer, or what have you. If that's not the case, I digress. 


      To answer that last question- for 2 very big reasons. 1) To understand literature and the craftsmanship of the writers. It expands the vocabulary, teaches composition skills, how to structure thought and illustrate. How to use creative imagining. To understand concepts. To gain perspective about a different culture or time. 2) And this is MORE important- those books don't deny they are fiction. There is no shame in fictional writing and story telling. But imagine a school passing off the Bible as a work of fiction. There'd be rioting.

  4. Some will never be the man their mother is. 

  5. Awareness without action is worthless.

  6. They should bring back teaching self awareness.

  7. How ironical some can be.

  8. "A hypocrite is a person who - but who isn't?"

  9. There are enough attack ads on a daily basis. Do we have to endure here as well?

    1. FordCosworth


      Interesting. I like, very much!

    2. David


      That is Sexy and I love the SC V8. Nice Post! :metal: 

  10. "Often those that criticize others reveal what he himself lacks."

  11. I guess I could come here to complain about others. But I won't

  12. Perpetual complaining. Some are so good at it. Too bad one can’t make a living from it.

  13. Your words mean nothing when your actions are the complete opposite.

  14. JFK: "We will put men on the moon."

    Obama: We will put men in the little girls room.

    1. A Horse With No Name

      A Horse With No Name

      Ummm....just no.  Trans people should have rights the same as anyone else.  I have lots of issues with Obama, and this is one of the things I worry about the least.

    2. Wings4Life(BANNED)


      Oh I don't worry much either, but we all should know that many perverts will pretend to be trannies, or just cite the new law, and gain access to places and enjoy their newly granted perks.



  15. So this feed does show up on the home page. Hello fellow C&G members. Shame what some use it for however.

  16. Hi Cos,  just testing this feed to see where it shows up.

    1. FordCosworth


      Feed...Just don't feed that Social Justice Warrior troll 

    2. Wings4Life(BANNED)


      Nice one.  And how sadly true.

  17. Nobody can make you feel inferior, without your consent.

  18. Thanks also to those who seek me out at other sites. I guess I am deeply missed.

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