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  1. Not everyone wants a turbo and plenty of torque can be made without it. If GM can make more than enough power without it, good for them and good for customers.
  2. DOHC has a distinctive sound. So does high compression ratio engines. So does big displacement. I think the combination of all the above will make the new engine incredible sounding.
  3. This thread is about GM's glut of product, and my link was a solution to it. You are off subject, and clearly trolling.
  4. Olds. you're the best.. Love you like a Greek brother man. I swear we are far more alike than you think. And that's not the 7 Star Metaxa talking either, haha. I too hosted Christmas dinner, and everyone is gone home now and my feet are up, watching Sulley that I just rented and coffee black and hot beside me. Now lets talk shop...... Nobody appreciates and loves Detroit iron more than me, no how, no way. My dad built Cadillac's in the 60's and 70's and he did all his own repairs and I was right there by his side long before I found girls interesting. I have busted my own k
  5. This should help move those volumes...... https://www.yahoo.com/finance/m/7274329f-c4c1-33b2-b2fe-2b61f18d27ed/ss_chevy-cuts-prices-by-over.html
  6. Although OHV absolutely does not mean more torque than OHC, I just don't see bothering with a high revving DOHC in a low revving truck application that is all about torque down low. There should be some bespoke-ness to it as well. Start throwing it into everything, and you optimize it for nothing.
  7. Sorry, profit does not rely solely on bigger ATP's. How about volumes? How about efficient running of all aspects of business?? How about smarter manufacturing and balanced engineering???? I could go on and on, but you should get the point by now. My point again, that you must have lost focus of, is that I am not too excited about ANY manufacturer raising prices too much. Pretty simple statement here.
  8. GM should completely bias this engine for hp, not torque. I think that is why they are switching to a high revving valve train that can handle it, without going with ridiculously expensive titanium rods. Now I am not saying it does not need torque, but as light as the vette is, it certainly don't need more than say.....550ftlbs. It needs to breathe and spin to about 7500rpm's, and a realistic hp of about 650. Sorry casa, no way will it hit 750hp, and still be an easy car to live with daily and manage decent fuel economy. And yes, all that matters.
  9. That's very charitable of you. Personally, I like to pay as little as possible for my new cars.
  10. Having DOHC grows it a bit in width and very slightly vertically. No problem at all for a mid mount that does not have to worry about hood clearances. The more I think about this, the more impressed I am with GM's decision.
  11. Vette deserves this, and maybe a big Cadillac eventually too. Not sure a CT6 will accept it, seeing as how this engine is probably twice as big as the 3.0L currently. They may have planned for it though. But a bespoke engine that will sound and feel far different than any other currently offered by GM, is a welcome addition and I bet many customers are probably craving it. There simply is no V8 sound as good as a DOHC.
  12. I think the purpose of a V6 would be entry level pricing for more sales. Adding turbo chargers does not help that effort.
  13. Great choice for a high tech mid engine sports car. It would have been a shame to offer a low revving pushrod V8 in something that demands high revving. I will guess about 600hp.
  14. A return of the XLR today would win a trophy for being an even bigger failure......and even less popular than that Volt clone, that lasted....what.....a few months?
  15. Good points. Did not think it through. I was excited for a moment thinking of what could be.
  16. I have seen comparisons between body and bed weight alone, and the aluminum is about 350 lbs lighter. That is just a simple fact and it follows along pretty closely with basic physics and the mass of each metal. Arguing this will not change it. Now, when you take the total truck weight into consideration it is a bit less, about 300lbs less weight for Ford truck, but only when you compare two identical base trucks. Weights swing wildly due to features like glass roofs, etc. and then discussions get stupid. And you sound like a butt-hurt GM fan. Military grade denotes material grad
  17. I completely agree. Not everyone wants extreme acceleration. Some just want the look, the ride, handling, etc. And honestly, I would accept more than adequate performance from a 320hp V6 vette that probably even handles better.
  18. WTF? How is Aluminum the only option? They could have easily switched to new steel formula, just as GM recently did. I have CLEARLY mentioned that. GM shed hundreds of lbs with it. Ford considered that option, but instead went further, just as GM will one day too. In total, Ford will soon be selling trucks and SUV's with aluminum. Fleet is a small part of the whole picture with all the products sold. Repair costs have also been proven to be a small difference, relative to steel. And honestly, nobody drives without insurance, so it's not like people are cutting a check for repairs, i
  19. Good point on the volumes. Completely wrong on the Ford truck weight. Ford truck was heavier than the competition, but they could have also reduced weight as GM did with latest generation of steel. They went much lighter while increasing every important metric. That's a fact. They are not about the same weight.
  20. I clearly stated how Mustang and Camaro for years have been value leaders, by not exceeding inflation.....except recently, where Camaro prices were much higher. That's just a fact. And obviously I am not talking about extreme niche high performance variants, but rather, entry level MSRP. It would be a futile argument to debate today's extreme performance to an era that offered Nothing as impressive. So you offered no balance. But, if you can find a Ford product that increased disproportionate to previous vehicles so not to upset GM fans, then by all means. It's not easy. Today's truck
  21. I clearly....VERY CLEARLY stated that EVERYONE is increasing at a faster rate that inflation, mostly.
  22. http://fortune.com/breakthrough-brands-marketing-2017/ Ford Motor Company was named an all-star brand by Fortune as part of the publication’s debut Breakthrough Brands survey. Ford was featured among a list of 15 companies from various industries that “best exemplify a breakthrough brand” alongside corporations such as Apple, Nike and Coca-Cola. “The … company is an iconic American brand and has been a leader in sustainability,” the list reads. Fortune surveyed 4,000 consumers about which brands they found important across various industries.
  23. I posted this because I remember all the backlash from GM fans, relentlessly for months if not years, about how Ford trucks cost to much to repair, fewer repair shops....yada yada. Yet this is even more complex, and now I would like to highlight hypocrisy where possible. Regarding the technology, when GM puts their minds to something, they can usually solve it. Sometimes however, you need to ask if it is worth their effort, or more importantly, what is the added value to the customer. The main benefit here is cost reduction to them, because all they are doing is eliminating rive
  24. I have been reading how much people celebrate higher ATP's, myself included, and I scratch my head a bit. And in nearly every case, it is well above inflation. Sorry if you can't understand how that can't be good for ANYONE, other than the automakers. How often have we seen prices actually go down? Very rare. When I see it, only then am I impressed. Mustang and Camaro as an example, have actually maintained decent price value through the years. Camaro slightly veered from that recently, How's that working out for them? Right, I get it, offer 5% more performance and jack the price

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