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  1. Still can’t get past the 90s songs on the oldies stations....
  2. Speaking of G6s, saw two good looking GTs out and about today.....
  3. I think if you guys haven’t seen Ocn is just rattling your cages, I’m not honestly sure what to tell you. On my other car sites, when someone says something not well liked, they just get ignored....and either it stops or they get blocked. Oh, I remember those old internet days, epic car battles and trolling-I could always imagine folks darn near typing their keyboards in anger..(kinda like facebook now. ) Myself I am a pretty calm and open minded guy- but their are times when an epic troll is needed....
  4. Well, Trump could change his mind tomorrow about that..... But let me be real (and respectful) for a moment. Most of the people in this thread (and forum) and definitely not Trump suppporters. So no matter what, it does make it hard to have a civil conversation at times. Ocn is in that minority, and I can see at times why he does lash out. Whether we agree with Trump or not, I try to respect the fact that people support him, even if I might not agree with the reasons. It’s simply how I keep my friends in real life, facebook, or even here. You guys are my friends, not always for your opinions, but our love of the same things. While he might not agree on politics, pretty sure most of us would not say no to a nice 55 Chevy (or maybe a new Corvette). I think a politics section would work fine is long as we can ask the question: why? Otherwise, it simply turns into petty issues..... Adding to the topic quickly, I can say he (Trump)is quite good at the dog and pony show..... One of the best showboaters.......
  5. Good news :both teams have a good chance to win next year....
  6. Going to be in testing to watch, but it’s not going to end well though.....
  7. I think all brands are going to be hurting by the end of the year......
  8. Can’t see why not! Kinda like installing an aftermarket one...maybe just have to make a slight adjustment.....
  9. Not going to end well...

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