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  1. I leave for a few minutes I tell you.... Yeah, it does get old....and played over and over... And joking aside, I get that feeling that we are really going to piss off the Middle East again (because DA can’t keep his mouth shut), prompting OPEC to up oil prices because they can. Now normally a jump in prices shouldn’t be a big deal, as stuff gets way better MPGS now. But, add Wall Street adding the hype (with dollar signs in their eyes) to push prices to much stupid levels... Sad part I’m more worried about WS then I am OPEC.....
  2. Well, it’s good because I like them both. But, wait until the first major gas hike.. (coming soon)
  3. Good feeling it could happen....with more than likely the end of the dodge twins and the 300. Well, unless they just keep making it faster with updates.... Adding to Jeep, RAM and AF could be a good thing....
  4. Somehow I just picture Ikea.......
  5. Well, you and I can figure it out, but I find most folks are not so good at that interchangeable stuff.....could see them falling off on the freeway...🤣
  6. It’s the song we can always sing along to...
  7. Catch is people might want to learn how to use it.. 😮 The idea is great, but......
  8. For the sake of not being banned, I’ll keep my mouth shut. That said, the plant will not go to waste.......
  9. Buddy had an 85.....thing nearly made it to 220k before it was rear ended.....
  10. One of those almost became my first car....

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