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  1. the interior is a miss. the exterior is ok, if you only consider it a minor evolution of the existing model. The fender sculpting is interesting but then the front and rear ends look too similar to before. I think Hyundai missed a huge chance here. It doesn't come off as new or changed. this won't make much of a splash; too similar to the current one. I don't think this expands the model very much but remains a nice option for those who want the unusual door config.
  2. decent but some weirdness in the center stack. is this trying to woo Mazda buyers better style than many Japanese brand crossover offerings.
  3. Detroit 2018: 2019 Ford Ranger: Comments

    Ram trucks have gone to the shift knob. And after using it in our new van. I like it. It frees up space definitely. The days of the big shifter knob may be coming to an end.
  4. Detroit 2018: 2019 Ford Ranger: Comments

    in the truck, the shifter to the passenger side should leave some more room to splay the legs and let it all hang out.
  5. Detroit 2018: 2019 Ram 1500 Leaks Out: Comments

    The new Ram front end is definitely the antithesis of the current Ram and the new Chevy. To me, this new front end could easily be mistaken for a Chevy or Ford as well as blending into the Jeeps adjacent to it on the dealer lot. Not a bad thing really. FCA is trying to unDodge the whole lineup and evidently that includes stripping Ram trucks of dodge signature cues. The touchscreen and Uconnect in our new Pacifica is fabulous, the huge new screen in this truck i will say will be a big advantage in the market. Will look way better than what GM and Ford will be putting in their trucks unless they upgrade.
  6. Yes, people need to go to those pics on the Chevy web site before finalizing their opinion. There are some really good pictures of all the trim levels and the sculpting really looks great in some of those pictures.
  7. Detroit 2018: 2019 Ram 1500 Leaks Out: Comments

    Car and driver has a writeup and pics. Not bad but the grille is weak. The 'hybrid' setup is intriguing
  8. Detroit 2018: 2019 Ford Ranger: Comments

    Will Ford even bother to move the shifter over to the left side (driver's side in the US) of the console?
  9. I don't really have a problem with any of this and its generally favorable but I am getting a recent Hyundai or 1980's Ford vibe out of the greenhouse and profile. Kind of like the Aerostar / Tempo / EXP / Blocky Mustang days. Or maybe even a little current taurus vibe on the side. So, this has a driver oriented center stack now, are those coming back into vogue now? I don't think we can expect VW to lavishly trim out the inside of this, but i would expect it to be sort of like the new Tiguan inside. VW is making smart decisions to gain back share. Properly sizing their models and adding the SUV's. Doesn't bother me if it takes it away from the snooze Japanese brands.
  10. Count me firmly in the like camp. Really like the balls out sculpting on this thing. Chevy truck styling finally comes alive.
  11. Detroit 2018: 2019 Ford Ranger: Comments

    Nice, lack of V6 is an issue. But Ford seems to be getting rid of nearly all NA v6's so unless there is a new NA v6 coming out, this won't see one. 4 cyl only may just be a way of keeping this from stepping on F150 toes. When i was selling used vehicles, one of the most popular pickups was the old Ford Explorer based truck. People loved those because they were trimmed out much nicer than typical rangers. This new Ranger has a seemingly posh interior design which will appeal to fans of that old Ford Explorer pickup.
  12. GM already had a hybrid truck before I like the weight reduction from an mpg perpective, but does a lighter truck have a more difficult time providing traction for safe towing? That in line 6 diesel would have been my dad's wet dream to be able to get the small diesel in a GM pickup. I bet it's a hit. I might even think about it. The interior is typically cosmic bizarre per the course for GM trucks, but i hope the plastics are done well enough so it looks good and not plasticky like it sometimes can be Otherwise, pumped about this truck! I bet with the lighter weight, a v6 should get really sweet mpg here. Is the 4.3 still being offered?
  13. I think that even though they have taken little baby steps to fix the interiors, things like the wonking huge parking brake lever and otherwise cheap and indifferent switchgear give the impression that not a lot has changed since this came out. Sad, because its a decent car, and putting lipstick on the pig isn't quite enough. The Passat is literally one of those cars you can recommend 'at the right price'. Too many of the Passat trim levels are 'undertrimmed' inside and look cheap. So if you like the Passat it really is about what you pay for which trim level you are willing to settle for. By the way, the Passat has become a great used buy. If you want a larger sedan with space and the turbo four is a decent performer....depending on trim you can usually find good selection with low miles for good prices. A couple months ago I had looked at a used 2014 with 5,000 miles on it for my mother. It was only like 14,000 bucks. I didn't pursue it though as it was cloth. I could have added leather by aftermarket and would have made no difference to her. The size of the Passat is what her and my dad were liking when they looked at diesel Passats a couple years ago. With the GT maybe it means VW will be pumping more V6 Passats into the market. the 4 cylinder turbo is new for 18, it is upsized to 2.0 but curiously is retuned in such a way that it doesn't really have more power. So it is not a 2.0 like in a GTI. Can't blame VW though, they need to recover their US plant investment and hey that's tough to do when the government is slapping huge fines on you that take forever to pay off.

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