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  1. https://jalopnik.com/the-holy-grail-of-gm-minivans-was-never-sold-in-the-u-s-1841977990

    "We all know what Chrysler’s coolest minivan is: the turbo, manual first-gen Dodge Caravan. We all know Ford’s coolest minivan: the rear-wheel drive, manual transmission Ford Aerostar. And we all know that GM’s most interesting people-movers were the “Dustbuster” minivans. Except the Holy Grail variant of those was never sold stateside."

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  2. On 2/21/2021 at 6:18 AM, ocnblu said:

    I know this is totally random, but it just dawned on me after seeing a silver one out on a test drive from a local dealer, the Mach-E front end with body-color "grille" reminds me of something uncircumcised with the tip pushing through.  The ones with blacked-out or otherwise contrasting color in the "grille" area don't, imho.  It is up to the reader's perspective whether that is a good or bad thing, coming from ocn ~





    they could have literally replaced the current Ford Edge with this design, and put a gas motor in it.  Would sell well.

    I don't mind the Mach E but the marketplace adopting electrics will be slow.  

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  3. new van on its way.  could have / and should have bought the one with lease ending.  van to arrive next week.

    GM card top off couldn't even sway me GM's way this time.

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  4. How about a "Free Spirit" edition? Or does 'free spirit' not jive with 'Made in China'.





    "Buick Roadmaster Free Spirit Tour X"




    Image result for buick free spirit


    Makes me wonder, in Canada, would a Buick Lacrosse 'fappening edition' been a big seller?




    Double hawk!


    Image result for buick free spirit


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  5. Managed to capture a couple pics of the all new 2022 Acura MDX today.  Interior looks wider than before, the dash is interesting.  Not sure if I dig the console or not.  Side flanks of vehicle quite boring and doesn't really give away what brand of vehicle it is.  Should appeal to someone who wants a sporty Honda type vehicle and not a blah Pilot or Passport.  I wonder if drivers will like the touchpad and weird console and lack of touchscreen.







  6. Here's a couple pictures of Buick Envisions I took while out at some lots today.







    Through the window glass, the interior looks to be as nice as it seems in pictures, but perhaps less spacious feeling than the outgoing Envision...perhaps mainly due to a less tall cabin.

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  7. Lease end time on the Chrysler van.

    Looking at new 2021 Pacifica AWD. Lots of nice upgrades, particularly on interiors including a new console.   Also considering but really not excited about, Traverse, Enclave, Blazer.  Only giving them shade because its GM Card top off month.  Funny thing is even with the top offs, the GM stuff is never the best deal.  The XT6 I drove recently was nice, but its out of budget.  In general I am rolling kind of anti-GM these days.

    Had a thought or two about an Explorer, but they are cheap inside, I wasn't a fan of how it drove and it's gotten some teething pains coming out of the gate with the new design.

    May look at 2022 Acura MDX when it hits the showrooms this week.  The center console looks to have spoiled what may otherwise be an interesting vehicle.

    If i extend the lease I am told the new Grand Cherokee L will be available in a few months, but sales guy said the first ones out are almost all going to be top trim level versions.  It looks nice but dimensionally its as large as a Traverse with not near as much interior space.

    2021 Durango has massive improvements inside that may make it a big dark horse, if it saved $$$.  Otherwise, I've never been a fan.

    VW Atlas or Cross Sport.  Maybe last resort if a great deal were there.

    No intent to look at the overhyped Hyundai Palisade and Kia Telluride.

    Used low mile Ford Flexes are really great deals these days.

    May buy out current van, extend the lease also.  

    Never been less excited about vehicle shopping in my life.  Maybe because getting over Covid and my lethargy makes me not want to do much of anything.

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