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  1. NG GMT 360 Shelved

    that would be perfect. i guess we will have to wait and see how capable the new mini-van (oops), lambdas are.
  2. NG GMT 360 Shelved

    Are you serious? Not everyone has money to burn. That 10 grand can buy a pretty decent used trailer or boat. Trust me, I am in this situation now. My wife wouldn't drive a tahoe even if I could afford one because of the size.
  3. NG GMT 360 Shelved

    I would like to see an suv based off the colorado chassis with the 3.7 and a small v8. I see some people saying buy a tahoe if you need towing capabilities, but do you guys realize they cost around 10 grand MORE than a trailblazer.
  4. Camaro given the go ahead

    tonawanda is an engine plant that is still operating, they would never build the camaro there.

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