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  1. If you are able to find any of the '05 Special Value Cavaliers & Sunfires (it will be tough.) The rebates will being the prices down to $7000 for the Cavalier and $7500 for the Sunfire. It appears that GM wants to rid itself of all of the remaining J-cars for good. These J-cars ome with A/C and a CD player with the 1SV trim. An 2005 SVM trimmed Aveo is going for $8000 after the rebates. I still saw several listed in and around Chicagoland on GM Buypower.
  2. The Corolla and Camry ain't the most exciting and jazzy cars, but fuel mileage has and will continue to have a greater impact in what we choose to drive. The current Corolla is getting 41/32 with a manny. That's about 4MPG better than a Neon, 6 MPG with a Focus and and 7 MPG with a Cobalt. (All figures are being compared with 5-speed manual transmissions on the cars.) I am happy to say that a base Chevy Malibu does beat a 4-banger Camry in fuel mileage with either transmission by a skosh. :)

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