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  1. Visit the construction sites, or the small business owners, farmers, or people who have toys to tow, you will realize that the trucks are needed. There are times those trucks are needed due to better ground clearances. With lack of proper public transportation - transporting materials and supplies using these is important.


    And with due respect, I honestly think the comparison of vehicles in EU and USA is not necessary. We do not come and ask people there - Why do you guys not use huge trucks?

  2. The new Cadillac looks great from the front with that wide grid and that bonnet, the back looks great but is not very attrective, but from the side it is just awful, mainly because it looks like a regular sedan.That big engine borrowed from the new Corvette Z06 should provide enough power for this heavy car.


    What heavy car? It is lighter than M5, E63, RS6, and XFR-S, which it competes with.

  3. If I get involved an accident with a self-driving car, which was at fault, who should I sue?


    Who should buy the insurance, the user or the maker?


    What happens when the cars get hacked by nefarious personnel? Will there be a firewall and Norton anti-virus to prevent it? Again, whose liability is it?


    Who is in charge and owner of the communication of the car?


    Can robot cars be taught to make empathetic, moral decisions when an accident is imminent and unavoidable? Like for example, should I swerve into a ditch 25 feet below to save a deer, or should I run over a deer? If there is a pregnant passenger in my car, should the vehicle swerve to keep her safe, or should it just find the safest damage to itself?


    Let me repeat, development of autonomous vehicles is the game started by software manufacturers, and traditional automakers are jumping in to save their market shares. Unfortunately, everything is governed by law, and if law is 20-30 years behind in this development, we will be screwed as a society. Rather than creating order, SD cars will cause chaos. SD cars do exist, they are public transportation, we need a stronger infrastructure for them to give people options for not driving.

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  4. Operating at a profit for a public transportation system is a moot point unless the expenses are a ridiculous drain on the tax base. Sidewalks don't make a profit. Roads don't make a profit. Traffic signals don't make a profit, etc.

    Yet, public transportation systems have a net benefit to the economy of dense cities. Without subway systems the roads would be so congested that there would be an economic drain caused by the inefficient flow of workers and consumers.




    Why? If you're driving some s****y car like the vast majority of people do it's not like driving is bringing you some sort of joy. It's not a particularly pleasant activity for the most majority of time and I think if they (SD cars) were available and people wouldn't be affraid of the idea of letting the car drive itself they would soon become the majority.

    Riding in a SD car would be no different to taking a taxi.

    If you're driving an old beat up Corolla, you probably can't afford a self driving car anyway.


    Most new cars don't exactly provide some sort of thrills to their drivers while they're doing their regular commute either. I'm also not sure they'd be that expensive either afther people start buying them in large numbers.






    Riding in a SD car would be no different to taking a taxi.



    Then why do you need a Self Driving car?


    For the same reason I need a non self driving car.... to always have it my disposal and to be able to hop in it whenever I want to go to somehwere.



    Well taxis, public transportation will be at your disposal at all the time, which will make you hop, skip and jump in them and go to do anything while multitasking as a passenger. Why is there a NEED for a SD car, if you need to be chauffeured around?


    Driverless cars wouldn't even be on the radar if we had a decent public transportation system..  People who don't want to drive shouldn't be behind the wheel in the first place.


    Riding in a SD car would be no different to taking a taxi.



    Then why do you need a Self Driving car?

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  7. Driverless cars wouldn't even be on the radar if we had a decent public transportation system..  People who don't want to drive shouldn't be behind the wheel in the first place.


    This. US needs a good public transportation system. There is honestly no need for automatons running over town. It is the dream of IT guys who see automobiles as the next automation frontier as the industry tries to find new markets.


    There is a reason why Apple, Microsoft, Google are getting into this array, as car manufacturing is more than a trillion dollar industry. Their expectations and hopes are that the barriers of entry for traditional automakers for automation is higher than their barriers of entry to propulsion.

  8. I agree with hyper, although he may pull a Ron Burgundy to agree to disagree on calling San Diego as Whale's vagina. The action Tesla is seeking is nothing different than how Japanese car manufacturers started selling cars in the 60s. If Elon has a good product, why is he scared of the dealership? If his stock is hovering at a P/E of infinite value with no chance of turning profit with the turn of the decade, he should invest that capital to create a dealership network with a difference.


    It is always easy to side the small guy, but here the small guy is being slippery and sneaky. If he gets the privilege then so should the other manufacturers.


    I had been picturing the Casada with a Buick waterfall grille, but I see it's not to be.

    I like the basic vehicle and the fact it's a tonneau-covered convert, but it need a LOT more Buick DNA to blend in with the rest of the portfolio, IMO. 

    This looks…. hurried.

    Agreed, it doesn't quite look like a Buick.  And the dash and center stack has a ridiculous amount of buttons, it looks cluttered.



    Spoken (not) like a true Benz lover. The GLE coupe has 41 buttons on the center stack, an additional 17 on the steering wheel and another 15 on the command joystick.

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    3.6 really needs to be getting a single turbo to give the perception and grunt of the German and English competitors who have some forced induction for their tweener motors. GM has soldiered the 3.6 for almost 8 years, albeit with updates.


    weeeelll... the LFX has only been around since 2012. It is so different from the prior LLT that it is basically all new. It just shares a displacement.



    That is why I said with updates. The original 3.6DI (LLT) was introduced in 2007 and with redesigned cylinder head and integrated exhaust manifold, and composite intake manifold and other components updated became a LFX.

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