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  1. Breathing the burn.

  2. Is May over yet? This is the worst month ever.

  3. Has started an over 40 mpg streak. Just got 41.5 mpg. Let's see how long I can keep this up!

  4. Walking at 4 am has its advantages... I just found what is probably someone's dirty drug money laying on the sidewalk. $60!

  5. Is once more reminded of the virtues that come with driving a CRX. First tank after the radiator install: 43.8 mpg. That's literally double what I managed with the Legacy's last tank.

  6. Wishes it were still April. May has royally sucked at work; hours are down, business is down, tips are way down, gas prices are way up. I can just barely pay my bills at this rate. Also, I'm such a f@#king pack-rat. Jesus.

  7. Oh CRX, how I've missed you.

  8. Today was a wreck. Radiator is in the CRX and the good news is that it works. That didn't stop the radiator cap and the tiniest little hose to burst on separate occasions. So much coolant has been spewed today. It's ridiculous. I've also found out that my starter is completely unresponsive.

  9. CRX's radiator is here... but after looking it over and trying to get the old one out, this is going to be more of a bitch than I had hoped. Unless I can find an alternate way, it looks like I either have to remove the front clip or remove the A/C lines... Neither of which I really want to do.

  10. First modification completed on the Legacy. Best of all, it was simple mod that didn't cost anything.

  11. is switching insurance. f@#k you State Farm.

  12. Needs to have the CRX on the road or else there'll be a second job on the Horizon. Figures that, as soon as I buy a car, everything screws me over. Hours at work were cut in half, Insurance doubled what my agent told me, and gas at the fuel economy of the Golf is killing me.

  13. Chicken fried rice FTW.

  14. I feel more broke when I can't deposit money. The $240 hiding in my wallet may have helped alter that feeling sooner.

  15. Osama bin craziness has struck the nation... and Facebook. I'm going to go into hiding now.

  16. First sunburn of the year makes me happy. Summer can't come soon enough.

  17. Things really need to pick back up at work... $500 in bills due within the next few weeks.

  18. Is back from New York. The auto show was wonderful... My favorite of the three. I'm still excited after the exhausting 7 hour drive home (f@#k traffic).

  19. Is so worn out its only slightly funny.

  20. Leaving for NYC tomorrow. Doing so earlier than I anticipated so I can enjoy Manhattan a bit before heading over to the NY Auto Show on Wed/Thur. Let's hope I don't have any issues traveling like last time... I'll kill a Jersey bitch if I have to!

  21. Has no plans tomorrow. What ever shall I do?

  22. Has a whole $80 available in his bank account. W00t!

  23. As expected... 608 MB update for GT5. I should play the poor PS3 more often.

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