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  1. Again...would not matter if it was oompah loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate factory or UAW members...that plant has produced its last vehicle.
  2. For better or worse, richer or poorer....has gone the way of the dodo bird... On the Visa thing....our current political climate is just vile. A trillion dollars a year in additional government debt....trade deficit is the worst it has ever been...consumer and student debt is as high as it has ever been...about that...yeah... Staying debt free and living modestly myself.
  3. Given Ohio's obesity rate, maybe converting it into the worlds largest food court makes more sense. The food workers union is easier to work with than the UAW, or so I am told. The liability politically and with the unions is greater than a million a month.
  4. Well...both Cincinnati and Cleveland have lots of established Mafia. Financing is available...but not even sure the Mafia would take this bet. No more vehicles than they will sell they probably could move production to the guard shack. Builds in a tangential alternative reality... It will get re developed into low income housing. So much winning....
  5. Nothing good will come of any of this. That plant has a better chance of reverting to wilderness than building more cars.
  6. We will see more players drop out of the market. Nothing says that Mazda will survive as an independant, cars could be mostly gone other than specialty vehicles for Ford and GM, Tesla is not out of the woods, Nissan can't live indefinitely on easy financing, a lot of industry overlap everywhere. And China wants a piece of the pie.
  7. Given the people we have elected, i certainly hope so. At this point, I am so uninspired by most of what is sold that I see myself buying a used Chevy Colorado to haul lumber and tools and continuing with the woodworking thing. Finding most new rides rather passionless.
  8. Good news for me if I replace the Beetle.
  9. Driving north through Ohio to see a friend...I saw a lot of rail cars normally used for shipping new cars put into sidings normally only used for deep storage of things that will be out of service for awhile. Signs of an impending slowdown? I actually like some of each of their products. But nothing is really exciting me in terms of new product.
  10. I always love seeing a Tucker.
  11. Considering a Jeep for my next vehicle.
  12. Quoted for truth...and even a die hard For Cynic like me cannot help but like the new Lincoln product.
  13. It even comes with extra compost on the hood...

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