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  1. Chrysler dealers are the worst for this. Back in 2012 I was really looking for a V6/8 speed auto combo on a Charger but the R/T's were leasing for $100 less per month than the V6 cars. I wanted the V6 due to the longer commute and there was not a huge performance difference. I told the salesman at the local dealership my dilemma and he INSISTED he could order me an R/T with the V6/8 speed. I don't know if he was really that uneducated about his product or was just one of the "I'll tell you anything you want to hear to get the sale" type salesman. Neither speaks too highly of the dealership but I kind of hope it was the latter.
  2. Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: February 2017

    I am now on my 4th Chrysler vehicle. Two of them were new (2 year leases) and two were bought used. So far I have not had any serious quality issues with any of them. 2012 Dodge Charger R/T (new) - this is the only new vehicle I have ever owned that never went back to the dealership for any repair or recall during my ownership experience. 2014 Chrysler 300S (new) - two dealership visits in two years of ownership, both for the same issue: code for oil pressure too high. First trip got a new sensor, second one got a new oil pump. Was told debris had gotten in the pump and caused an issue. 2013 Chrysler T&C (bought used off lease w/ 33k miles) - we have owned it for 16 months and it now has close to 50k miles. No dealer repair visits, no new recalls. Previous recalls were handled before i bought it. It does occasionally not like to start which is probably the TIPM fuel pump relay issue from my investigations. This has happened 4 or 5 times in our ownership but it has always eventually started. 2015 Chrysler 200S V6 (bought used w/ 5K miles) - we have owned it for 5 months. So far so good. It feels like the brake rotors are getting a little warped but otherwise, no issues. This is the first new car I have had in a long time that does not hesitate to downshift. I have heard with the 4 cyl the trans shifts alot and has some not so smooth shifts. With my V6 it snaps off smooth, crisp shifts and does not hunt for gears. I will occasionally get a hard 1-2 shift under light throttle but it isn't severe enough to be concerning. I will confess that all of them were obtained because of the deals I got on them. The 200S was the biggest bargain of them all but is also my favorite one of the four. In fact, it is my favorite all around car that I have had in a while, probably since my 2007 Saab 9-5 Aero. I don't tend to keep cars very long, though. 2-3 years on average.
  3. I had a '14 300 with the electronic shifter. I get the complaints about that one. You got used to the shifter but it was not as intuitive as most shifters. You could think you were in park and actually be in neutral. I do not get the issue with the rotary. My 200 has a rotary and every position is clearly detented and it also has indicators telling you what position you are in. I don't really understand how people can have issues with the rotary other than the fact it is new and different. Maybe it is just easier to forget since there isn't a lever staring you in the face? My questions is, don't some of the European brands (I'm looking at you Mercedes) have overly complicated shifters that are not at all intuitive? How in the world do they get away without having these same investigations being done? Do they do a better job with auto application of electronic parking brakes?
  4. I Just Drove a 200 For the Time

    So far, so good. I really love this car. The 9 speed everybody complains about has been flawless. It is the first car I have had in years that will readily downshift without having to be in some kind of sport mode or needing full throttle. You give it gas, it downshifts to the right gear without hesitation and goes. I do occasionally get a firm shift on light throttle 1-2 shifts but not at all objectionable. I see one definite issue with this car: it is going to eat tires. You stab the throttle at 30 mph and it will downshift and spin the tires.
  5. November 2016: Mazda North American Operations

    I wonder what, exactly Mazda would need to do get their volumes up? Their quality isn't too bad and many of their vehicles are ranked at or near the top of their segments in various reviews and they still can't get too many people to buy. I guess as long as they are making good margins that is the most important thing. I still wish they would form an alliance with FCA, though. Those two seem like a logical fit to me a la Renault Nissan.
  6. November 2016: General Motors Co.

    All in all a darn good month for GM. Looks like Envision might be steeling Enclave sales, though. I'm kind of amazed the Trax is selling so well. It's sales aren't too far off the Renegade and is roughly the same as the HR-V but is a lesser vehicle than both IMO.
  7. November 2016: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US LLC

    The Dart was actually discontinued back in September. The 200 only lives for a couple more months IIRC. Clearly not a good month for FCA. Supposedly they cut back on fleet sales this month. Goes to show you how much they fleet. Probably a good strategy in the long rung but they need to spend some money on their North American product to keep them fresh or it's not going to work.
  8. I Just Drove a 200 For the Time

    The V6 9 speed combo is killer. My FWD is definitely quicker than the 300S V6 I had before it and would probably not be too far off the Charger R/T I had before that. Car and Driver got 0-60 in 5.7 seconds and 14.3 @ 100 mph in the 1/4 for a FWD version like mine. In regard to a good price, how does a 5500 mile 2015 200S V6 with heated and ventilated leather, Nav/Premium Audio and Convenience package for $17,600 sound? To me it sounded just right which is why one is parked in my garage! The V6 versions are way underrated.
  9. I find these statements pretty interesting. I leased a 2012 Charger R/T and it was literally the first new car I never had to take back to the dealership for anything other than maintenance. I have never been a Mopar guy and grew up in a GM family but I leased it because I really liked what it had to offer. I had always really wanted a Pontiac G8 (and would still love to have a Chevy SS) so I guess you could say I'm a fan of that type of car. The fact it was a good lease deal certainly didn't hurt. Because we had such a good experience with that, we replaced it with a 300S lease. Also a really good deal. That car wasn't flawless as it did throw a check engine light that turned out to be caused by the oil pump which had to be replaced. The explanation IIRC was that a contaminant affected a valve in the pump and was causing the pressure to go too high. Other than that, no other issues, though.
  10. What I bought: 2015 Chrysler 200S V6 FWD - Nav & Premium Audio, Heated and Vented Leather Seats & Convenience Pkg (Dual Zone A/C, Htd. Steering Wheel, etc) The lease was up on our 2014 300S and it wasn't worth close to the buy out so it was time for something else. Why did I chose the much maligned Chrysler 200 you ask? Several reasons, really. Reason one: I got a really, really good deal on a lightly used 2015 that had never left dealer inventory. It is a hell of a lot of car for the money. A less than a year old car fairly well optioned that stickered around $31k and I picked up for $17,500 with only 5500 miles on the clock. Granted it was used as a service loaner so there is a bit of a risk there but other than a curb rashed wheel the dealer replaced for me, it looked, smelled and drove like brand new. Reason two: IMO it is a very underrated car. Of course, styling is subjective but in my opinion the exterior is a bit on the conservative side but I have always liked it. The interior styling and layout is excellent with nice materials. One real issue is access to the rear seats. If you were someone that was going to have to teenagers or adults sitting in the back on the regular, ingress/egress would suck for them as the roofline makes getting in and out a bit difficult. My kids are young, though, so no problem there and we have a van for when we need to move more than two people around. Leg room does not seem to be too bad, though. I could see where it might get tight back there if you are pushing 6 foot or taller. Reason three: The performance of the V6 is outstanding (it is definitely quicker than my 300S and would have probably given my 2012 Charger R/T a pretty close race) and the frequently bashed 9 speed auto has been flawless for me so far. In fact, it is the first car I have had in the last 10-15 years that had no reluctance to downshift even with only moderate throttle input. Upshifts are quick and smooth. I have read the transmission issues people always complain about are more when it is mated to the 4 cylinder and I think I am going to have to believe that. You may be asking yourself what else did I consider? I am a car guy so it was highly probable I was going to get a car. After having a Charger followed by a 300 (w/ the compact Cruze diesel in between), I had decided I did not want or need a large car anymore. With that in mind and the fact I had decided to go used, I was considering the following: Jeep GC diesel (a possible concession to the wife as she loves the GC), Buick Regal turbo, Buick Verano turbo, Chrysler 200 and a new Dodge Dart GT. I also briefly considered a used Focus ST but was scared away after reading about transmission issues they are having. That list was narrowed down to the Buick Verano and the Chrysler 200 and I simply felt the 200 was the better value. I would have preferred the 200C over the 200S mostly because I think the real wood trim in it looks pretty nice but beggars can't be choosers and the 200S won out on lack of availability of a suitable 200C. So what would I have done differently if I had ordered a new 200? Well, I would have gotten a C instead of an S as previously mentioned. I also would have ordered the premium lighting (HID's) as the projector beam halogens are not that great. Otherwise the only other thing I would have changed is the color but when you are buying used you have to be willing to settle for what you can find.
  11. As I have said in a couple other threads, I think Mazda would be an excellent partner with FCA and I don't think it would require a merger. It could be a partnership similar to Hyundai-Kia and Nissan-Renault. Mazda does small and midsize cars well but doesn't sell in volume for whatever reason (too small of a dealer network?) Neither the Dart or 200 are horrible cars. If it weren't for the available diesel powertrain I would have been in a Dart instead of Cruze. I actually liked the Dart better overall but the diesel won me over. Unfortunately the problems with the diesel lost me. Here is why I think the Dart failed: 1) Horribly managed launch with only manual transmission cars available 2) Pairing the DDCT trans with the 1.4T. Should have been a torque converter auto right from the start. 3) The horrid gas mileage that the 2.4L versions of the car get. To me, 2 and 3 kind of go hand in hand and are what really did the Dart in. They basically panicked when everybody hated the DDCT paired with the 1.4T and since they didn't have a standard auto ready to mate up to it, they simply switched almost every trim over to the 2.4L. I truly believe that if the car had launched with the 1.4T and a torque converter 6 speed auto, the Dart would not be in such dire straights.
  12. I bought a Cruze diesel

    We had rented one back in 2011 and another in 2012 and she liked them both. Plus she liked my Dad's. The issue was never with the vehicle itself. It was always with the image. I knew when I bought it that she would end up driving it. It really has all the attributes she likes other than styling. High seating position, easy ingress/egress, power doors, power lift gate, etc. She says now she doesn't even think about it and that it isn't really any different to drive than the many CUV's she's had. She loves being able to buckle our daughter in without banging her head on the roof or having to duck under.
  13. Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: March 2016

    There are definitely still people that care about Mazda. Just not enough people. I can't figure out how Subaru continues its growth pace and Mazda is stuck where they are. I've had a new Subaru before. I liked it but its was not anything spectacular. It can't be just the AWD that is driving their sales, though. So how is it Mazda (with better vehicles IMO) has seemingly hit a plateau and Subaru continues to grow? It's not like they are doing it off their quality reputation. I would take a Mazda 3 or 6 over any other Asian OEM's offering in those segments, though I will say I have not had the opportunity to check out the new Civic yet.
  14. March 2016: Mazda North American Operations

    I wish FCA and Mazda would just hook up already. To me, they are about the only obvious partners of the traditional OEM's (meaning not Chinese). The overlap would mostly be with Fiat in the A and B segments but otherwise I think they compliment each other nicely. The 3 and 6 are well regarded cars that would make a nice Dart and 200. A and B segment cars could come off a common platform designed by Mazda but with Italian styling for the Fiat variants. I don't even necessarily think it needs to be a merger. It could be something more along the lines of the Renault/Nissan or Hyundai/Kia alliances. It seems like too good of a fit so it will probably never happen.
  15. I bought a Cruze diesel

    It was not a fast process by any means. I thought it would go quite a bit quicker but in the end it wound up taking 4+ months. The Cruze was replaced by a used Town & Country minivan. My Dad had one and loved it so I thought I would give it a try. I had it for all of a week before my "I'll never drive a minivan" wife took it over. LOL I bought it knowing that would happen once she was reminded how much easier it is to get the kids in and out through power sliding doors. Practicality won out over style for once. Now I am driving the 300 until the lease is up.

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