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  1. 2QuickZ's

    Anyone have any thoughts on the CTS 2.0T?

    I know you have. You come to NAIAS every year, don't you? I was just giving you a hard time. Sorry if it came across differently. I appreciate your feedback.
  2. 2QuickZ's

    Anyone have any thoughts on the CTS 2.0T?

    I thought you have been to Michigan before. We have almost nothing but poor roads. Government at its finest. One of the highest gasoline taxes in the country and some of the worst roads imaginable. My brother-in-law just had to borrow the spare tire out of my 200 last week because he hit a pothole big enough to badly bend his rim and his Dart did not come with a spare. Thankfully it held air so he was able to drive it home and double thankfully he had spent the money on wheel and tire insurance. I hear you on the 4 cyl turbo's but almost every car magazine review I have read on the ATS and CTS has said that they actually prefer the turbo 4 over the V6. They aren't slow either.
  3. I am looking to replace my 200S soon and have been seriously considering a used ATS or CTS. I almost pulled the trigger on a CTS V-sport a couple of months ago but didn't and now the used prices on all CTS's (not just V-sport) seem to have rebounded since then. Good for Cadillac that they found bottom and are climbing again but bad for me. Sooo... after driving this 2016 ATS Luxury 2.0T and mentioning to the salesman about the CTS, when I got back to the dealership after the test drive he started talking to me about leasing a "new" courtesy vehicle with 4-5k miles on it already that would count against the lease. He didn't do any official calculations or put anything in writing but lets just say the number he through out was quite attractive. So do any of you have any thoughts you would want to share on these? It is a 2018 CTS Luxury RWD 2.0T. I have not test driven it yet but I did test drive a 2.0T performance model a year or so ago and felt the 2.0T was perfectly fine in it. What do you think? The only down side I can see so far is that it is a 39 month lease. Funny aside: When I was talking to the salesman about the CTS he was pointing out the ventilated seats as one of the features and how nice they are and I said "I know, I have them on my 200" and he was shocked! He said "You could get ventilated seats on a 200? You can't even get ventilated seats on the ATS!" Haha
  4. 2QuickZ's

    Bought a new minivan

    Hey Reg, I forgot but did you buy or lease your T&C? The reason I ask is because I was shocked what I was able to get for ours when we sold it. We had bought our 2013 used off lease and we got a pretty good deal on it but not spectacular. There were others around in the price range. After 2.5 years of ownership I was able to sell it for only $3.5k less than what I paid for it! And at that the guy that bought it was very happy with the price. Most of the comparable ones in my area were listed for at least $1500 more than I listed mine for and I live in metro Detroit so there is no shortage of them around.
  5. 2QuickZ's

    Bought a new minivan

    The T&C was purchased for me to drive because the wife refused to drive a minivan. We only had that for a week or so before she took it over and it became hers. She sadly is still stuck on the minivan stigma so she seriously considered an SUV instead this time around. We were looking at GMC Acadias and Chevy Traverses but at the end of the day, we just got way more for our money with the Pacifica. And she does love the convenience of the minivan. All that being said, I would say there is a 99% chance that when we replace it in a few years the kids will be old enough she will switch to an SUV. Our shot at the hybrid has come and gone. The S package is nice! It looks pretty good on all colors I have seen with it too. I saw a dark blue S-package yesterday and it probably looked better than our red one. I also saw an orange S-package and even that looked good! I personally think the Pacifica looks great in pretty much any color or trim save for maybe the base no chrome models. Weirdly enough I am very drawn to that Cordovan brown color. If we had not found this S-package, that is probably what we would have bought.
  6. Some of my comments having had ours for 2 months and not quite 2k miles: - I agree with you on the Console. It went backwards from the T&C in terms of storage. Glovebox as well. - I haven't noticed 9th gear. I need to go through the menu and see if you can add the gear count to the display like you can on my 200. I will say my 200 is in 9th gear a lot so I am surprised to hear you say this. - You are probably aware of this but you know you can drag and drop app icons to the main menu bar, right? Anything new you drag there will replace whatever icon you drop it on top of. I plan on adjusting the menu bar by season so in the winter the driver heated seat and heated SW are right on the menu bar. I will also add one more Low: - They took away the pop out vent function on the third row windows. This is also a step back from the T&C Overall it is a fantastic vehicle, though. I really enjoy ours. We did a 300 mile or so trip last weekend that was 40% interstate (80 mph), 40% two lane highway (60 mph) and 20% city and it was showing an indicated 28 mpg and I would only expect that to get better as the engine breaks in.
  7. 2QuickZ's

    Bought a new minivan

    Not at all. They are basically an enclosed pickup truck but without the towing capacity.
  8. 2018. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to check it out!
  9. I bought these tires for the Saab 9-5 I used to have. They were a great tire. Light years better than the noisy Falken tires that were on it when I bought it. I liked them so much that when it was time to put new tires on the T&C, I switched it over to Conti TrueContact DWS tires. I just replaced two of them tonight after about 30k miles but that was my fault due not fixing the alignment quick enough combined with not rotating them. It wore out the outside tread blocks prematurely. The back tires still have the S even after 30k miles! For those that don't know, Conti embeds a "D", "W" and "S" in the tread blocks with the idea that when the "S" is worn off, the tire is no longer good for snow, the "W", no longer good for Wet and the "D" ... well, its time for new tires.
  10. 2QuickZ's

    1991 GMC Syclone | Retro Review

    This is easily one of my all time favorite vehicles and I still hope to own one some day. I tried super hard to get my Dad to buy one new but he was just too cheap. I believe his quote was something along the lines of "I'm not paying $25k for a regular cab compact pick up truck that can't tow or haul anything" and I believe my smart alec response was something along the lines of "It can haul something...some serious ass!" haha Alas, could not talk him into a Typhoon either but a year or so later he goes out and buys a used Grand National. SMH
  11. 2QuickZ's

    Bought a new minivan

    It's funny you say that about the hybrid. My wife is the primary driver of this and she only has a 5 mile commute to work. We STRONGLY considered the hybrid. There are no deals to be had, though. Yes, the $7500 back from the government but dealers are giving hardly any extra markdown and there are no rebates. The lease deals are horrible. We were originally going to wait until fall to see if they would blow out the MY18 hybrids that they didn't try too hard to sell/lease during the model year but got a good enough deal on this gas powered one to pull the trigger now. One thing they need to fix if they want to sell/lease the hybrid to your average Joe, the dealerships need to keep one charged up for test drives. We didn't try too many dealerships but none of the ones we did try kept one charged. It would be nice to know how they drive on pure electricity if that is how you are going to be driving it 95% of the time. No need to be sorry! These things are awesome. You are the one missing out.
  12. 2QuickZ's

    Bought a new minivan

    2018 Chrysler Pacifica Touring L Plus And I am super excited about it. It almost makes me sad that it is my wife's vehicle. For the life of me I have no idea why these things have such a bad reputation amongst the general public. They do everything a CUV does but better, with the possible exception of towing and that even depends on which CUV you are comparing it to. I personally think this thing is kick ass. I just wish GM would rejoin the market and make a stylish minivan. A Buick minivan would be good. Maybe make a little more stylish version of the GL8 they sell in China?
  13. We also just picked on of these up to replace our T&C. It is so much nicer of a vehicle than the T&C. A few small details I don't like as much. They went a little backward on storage with only the lower glovebox and seeming less storage in the center console, even with the IP drawer. The kids definitely like the seat back mounted screens more, though!
  14. Congrats on the Volt purchase! Been thinking about one of these (or a new one) to replace the 200, likely in the fall. Free electricity at work is a nice incentive. It's 25 miles each way so chances of doing it only on company provided electricity are not so good, even with a new one, though.
  15. 2QuickZ's

    April 2018: FCA US LLC

    Picked this beast up close to the end of the month. Got a great deal on it. Dealer sold it to me for $250 over employee pricing so I can't complain. 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Touring L Plus with the S package.

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