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  1. Reality is complex

    1. David


      Complexity is Reality for those that embrace an always changing future!

      You nailed it my friend.

  2. Last work day of the year.  My client wants me back in January...which is good, really like working from home


  3. Happy Birthday, Mr. Blu!

    1. ocnblu


      Thank you, Mr. Moltie!

  4. 62 degrees out...never thought it would be this warm at 11pm Dec 31st in Cleveland..

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    2. Robert Hall

      Robert Hall

      Power went off about 10 till midnight.  Just came back on. 

    3. A Horse With No Name

      A Horse With No Name

      Walking around in shirt sleeves in Columbus.

    4. David


      Crazy, Do not get too sweaty guys! :P 

  5. Cubical-aka-Moltar handle retired.  Keeping it real. 

  6. Wherever you go, there you are.

  7. Reached the end of one road today.  A new road beckons


  8. Back in AZ for a few weeks to  finish packing.   Got second Pod in the driveway.  Exhausted from re-adjusting to the time difference...


  9. I've got the Lego movie song stuck in my head...'Everything is Awesome'..  even on a gray Ohio day.

  10. Its 5am in Ohio, but 2am in Arizona.   Traveling back and forth is rough on sleep cycles

  11. I have truly come to despise Websphere...fecal bloatware.   

  12. Ohio feels like home in a way Arizona never did.  Hard to explain


  13. Sort of feeling like fall is coming.  

    1. David


      So true, all the trees in Seattle are changing colors fast and leaves are dropping way faster than I have ever seen.

    2. Robert Hall

      Robert Hall

      Getting some highs under 100 here

  14. New day. New cube.

  15. One door closes...time to walk on.

  16. Reality is complex

  17. When life gives you sh*t, make fertilizer.

  18. Relaxing and enjoying a 2011 Caddy STS

  19. 4 more days and the deathmarch should be over...tired of 80 hr work weeks

  20. looking forward to getting out of the heat for the weekend

  21. Hot weather here..first week of all triple digit highs so far

  22. Off to Denver for the weekend

  23. Off to Indianapolis for the weekend and the 500

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