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  1. 51 minutes ago, balthazar said:

     1949-50's Uniscope. Look how they treated '100' graphically 😎 


    Screen Shot 2020-01-25 at 2.56.30 PM.png

    Neat how the oil, fuel and temp gauges are set in the lower half also.  Reminds me of how the first generation of the modern Mini had the gauges in the big central dial. 

  2. Was sitting behind a current Hyundai Santa Fe this morning in a turn lane and realized they have the rear turn signals down low in the rear fascia..not in the main taillight cluster.   They are so low I couldn't see them over the hood of my Jeep, only saw the repeater on the driver's door mirror making blinky-blinky.   

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  3. 8 hours ago, dfelt said:

    Costco is always fast, they keep their system running great and is the fastest to fill, Kroger sucks big time, I have never had more problems fueling than at a Krogers. Seems dirty filters and poor vacume recovery system of the fumes causes them to constantly turn off.

    With smartphones, I have seen so many start gassing and then play with their phone, bet it takes longer than most people realize. Will have to time my next fill up.

    Never tried grocery gas stations...I stick with the Shell or BP near my house.   I just filled up from 1/8th of tank last week, should have timed it. 

  4. 2 hours ago, ocnblu said:

    No boxer engine noise = no Subaru.  Plain and simple.  Silly statement from Moltar re:  "little meaning" between ICE and BEV.  There is PLENTY of "meaning" between the two.  In the case of Subaru, one is intrinsic to the Subaru zeitgeist, the other is completely devoid of any individuality.  BEV are "cars" with all traces of soul cut out.

    I doubt if more than 1% of drivers care about ‘boxer engine noise’.  In a daily driver, engine noise is something that is usually an irritant or annoyance..   A smooth and quiet power unit is best for most real world use cases.   We are talking about practical daily drivers, not muscle cars or Ferraris.    

    I like a rumbly V8 or other performance engine in a performance car, but in a practical daily use vehicle I want smooth and silent so I can enjoy the sound of my music or podcasts, not mechanical noise. (I do wish automakers could make HVAC fans quieter). 

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  5. I want to see that one.  I watched ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ over the weekend, very good, better than I thought it would be.   

    I want to see Guy Ritchie’s newest that opens this week—‘The Gentlemen’. 

  6. True that..just something else to plug in.  I often run my laptop, tablet and cell phone down to 5% or less.  Charging electronics is part of daily life in the modern world, but I am bad about remembering to plug in...especially my tablet.  My Ring doorbell camera is down to 5%, got to charge it tomorrow...my electric razor needs charged, but I only shave once a week or so in winter..working at home has made me so lazy about some things...

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  7. I was referring to Subarus. A very small percentage of their product line (the 3 letter models—BRZ, WRX, STI) are performance vehicles.  For mainstream appliances, I think a BEV approach will be advantageous.  Less maintenance, cleaner, more efficient, better performance.   Regular consumers don’t open the hood, whether it is ICE or BEV would have little meaning to most drivers I suspect.  

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  8. I think the character of a brand is more a result of the styling and design inside and out, features, performance, driving feel, etc than the propulsion system.  Whether it’s ICE or BEV, as long as it performs within expected parameters for normal use cases, it should be fine.   

    And as Tesla has shown, an EV can perform very well and be a practical real world vehicle. 

    Remember, these are mainstream appliances that regular consumers drive, not something for car enthusiasts. 

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  9. 52 minutes ago, smk4565 said:

    It also takes time to drive to the gas station, and exit the gas station.  And in winter you stand in the cold pumping gas.

    Yeah, but going to the gas station is not generally something you make a special trip to do, unless you are really bored.... I always fill up at the same station on the main road outside my subdivision, so it's just a stop while on my way somewhere else, no different than going through the bank drive-thru down the same street.   And standing in the cold is no big deal, I dress for winter weather.    Getting gas is not a big deal that some make out to be, just one of those little tasks in life.    Not a big deal either when out of town on a road trip either, gas stations are abundant...

    Having to plug in an EV in my garage after a drive would be simpler in theory, but the problem is remembering to do it.  

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  10. 6 minutes ago, smk4565 said:

    The thing with EV charging is you do it at home every night, so you don't spend 10 minutes per week at a gas station.  An EV saves you 520 minutes per year not standing at a gas station.  Then it saves you more time for needing less maintenance, fewer oil changes, less brake pad changes, etc.  

    EV have brakes also, so you still have to do those.  And who spends 10 minutes at a gas station?  If there is a line, maybe...normally, pull up, pay at the pump, fill up, pull out..less than 5 min (every two weeks in my case).

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  11. 2 minutes ago, balthazar said:

    I don't trust Wiki for auto details like that, but it does agree with other sources I see online, showing the 2 different bodies for '49. Also telling is that the Special doesn't appear in the '49 sales brochure.

    I also seem to recall reading in CA years ago that the senior Buicks didn't get the new body in '48 like Cadillac and Olds did, but it was delayed to '49 as it had to be restyled, the original design rejected...but who knows, it was over 70 years ago.. 

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  12. 5 minutes ago, balthazar said:

    I believe it was advertised as a '48 (no VentiPorts, so not a '49).
    Interesting tid-bit; only the senior '42 Buicks got the 'flow thru' fenders (like shown above) - the junior model sedanettes had separate fenders.

    'Interesting..so it looks like the junior models (Special?) still had the old body for '49 while the Super had the new body... 


  13. 6 minutes ago, balthazar said:

    Bet that Buick, with flush glass and a few other details, would have a killer .cd. It's the naturally 'wind superior' teardrop.

    Probably..that like a '42-48 style?   I think the '50 was cool looking w/ the grille eating the bumper...


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  14. Had to make an airport run this afternoon, saw a gray-blue new BMW 8 series coupe parked in the valet line, coated w/ salt and winter ick.   Looks like a 15+ Mustang that's been made heavier and uglified.   

    Also saw in my neighborhood an AWD Chevy Astro, lifted a bit with large tires..dark red and in very good shape.  

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