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  1. Since there has been a lot of talk of wearing masks if you go out in public, I’m ready.  This balaclava makes me look like a ninja burglar.  

    Or one of the dust masks I use when leaf blowing 



  2. 43 minutes ago, trinacriabob said:

    I recall there being a Cortina years ago, most likely a Ford product for the foreign market.  


    Yeah, the Cortina was an English Ford.  Later replaced by the Sierra then the Mondeo. 

  3. First trip out this month today, had to go to the vet to pick up some prescription refills.  Traffic very light, beautiful sunny day.   Did see a clean black w/ black top mid '90s Cadillac Brougham in the vet parking lot. 

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  4. 26 minutes ago, trinacriabob said:

    Saw this photo and thought it was funny.  Don't know why.  It's the central square (more of a rotunda) with Sofia, Bulgaria's Orthodox cathedral in the middle of it.  Don't remember what brand of car that is.  I can almost hear one of those French sounding ambulances somewhere in the background.


    I think that's a '60s German Ford Taunus...

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  5. 19 hours ago, riviera74 said:

    When it comes to Mercedes Benz, I actively wonder why they insist on selling the C-class AND the CLA-class to begin with.  Too many badge snobs wanting a subsidized lease I guess.


    The CLA seems redundant with the A-class sedan, since they are essentially the same thing.   The C-class at least is RWD.

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  6. Non sequitor, your comparisons hold no water.  Apples and oranges. That there are pickups that have similar prices to MB luxury models means nothing, there are Peterbilt, Kenworth, etc trucks that are more expensive.  Or RVs.  Or Corvettes.   Many vehicles are in the same price bracket that aren’t competitors.  

    I thought this was a Genesis thread.   Seems to have really gone off the rails. 

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  7. 19 minutes ago, oldshurst442 said:


    Also...we are in complete shut down of ALL businesses EXCEPT pharmacies and gas stations on Sundays. 

    That kinds of sounds like how parts of the US were in olden days as a 'normal' Sunday. 

  8. My Jeep needs an oil change, but I probably haven't driven it more than 100 miles since the end of January, the Trax I drove back from Florida at the end of January, and to a couple doctor's trips here w/ my sister (with her broken foot, she really can't easily get in and out of the Jeep).  The STS hasn't been out of the garage since January, but I start it every couple of weeks. 

  9. Your Flex looks great.  Interesting about the spare...I can't recall if my Jeep has a normal full size 20 inch spare tire/wheel or something smaller (they also came w/ 17" inch wheels in '14).  I recall checking the spare when on the lot before I bought it, but don't recall what's there...huge well under the rear cargo floor.

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  10. 3 minutes ago, dfelt said:


    This is one area where I am interested to see how well the engineering is as my Escalade ESV Platinum, if it sits for a month, the battery will be dead. Cadillac has like every other luxury make a wide variety of devices that need a trickle charge to keep everything saved and ready for use.

    I've noticed that with both of the older Cadillacs I've been around..the '00 DTS and '06 STS...I have to jump the STS if it sits too long (I start it every two weeks). 

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