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  1. Well today is the day. Last day at Direct Energy.

  2. Wheels for the week: 2020 Toyota Corolla XLE. We'll be taking this one on a trip to Virginia and testing out how close to the 37mpg highway rating we'll get. It's equipped with Toyota Safety Sense which means I'll have radar cruise control for the trip (Yay!). The shocking part is the price: $28,084 for a Corolla that doesn't even have the biggest engine. But it's got heated seats, so that will keep Albert Maisto happy.

  3. And the new #Cadillac #Escalade leaks out looking exactly as you would expect it would.

  4. So here they are, what do you think of the new Chevy Suburban and Tahoe?

    1. surreal1272


      A definite improvement with the IRS and interior updates. Not completely sold on the 3.0L option because these are heavier trucks than the pick ups that share the motor. Might be asking too much of it and folks are just very distrustful of diesels. Overall though, these will continue to sell well.

  5. And now the big question: What to do with all this left over pie?!

    1. ocnblu


      Ah, screw it!  ;)

  6. Wheels for the Week: 2020 Hyundai Palisade Limited AWD. This thing is loaded at $47,605. The 291 HP V6 and 8-speed automatic move it along smartly. I like the feature where when you activate the turn signal a video of what's on the side of you pops up in the dash. What would you like to know about it? #hyundai #palisade #review

  7. Happy Birthday!

    1. dfelt


      Thank you Drew, wishing you and your family a great holiday weekend.

  8. I think the haters have to get over it and step into the reality of 2019 and the future. This is the next addition to the #Mustang family. The fact that it is an EV makes it even more interesting. I think it will sell well (for an EV) and do better than the Tesla Model X since it is significantly cheaper but still gets up to 300 miles range.

  9. I could get comfortable in the back of the G90, the back seat is fabulous. What do you think of the new @genesis_usa flagship?

  10. The @Hyundai party with Brett Michael's.

  11. And here its is, the most controversial car in the #laautoshow, the #Mustang #MachE. I think they did a good job with it, and if they're going to make a whole family of Mustangs, this is a very good start.

  12. The second most controversial car at the #LAAutoShow. #corvette #c8

  13. @United is flying Star Wars themed 737s. This was my flight to Denver.

  14. Well, after over 13 years with Direct Energy and surviving multiple rounds of layoffs, my 9 lives with the company appear to be up, the latest round of layoffs got me. I will be finishing out the year and then be on the hunt for a new position in January. If anyone knows of project manager positions that are open in the Pittsburgh area, please let me know.

  15. Tea for two for my birthday!

  16. This week's wheels: The 2019 Mazda CX-5 Signature.

  17. Just think. Tomorrow at this time it will be 7:30.

  18. Score! Picked up these two albums at the Goodwill, London cast and American Cast. Grand total $1.26 for both.

  19. Tractor trailers hanging out in the left lane...

    1. USA-1


      Hate that and it's the worst when one tractor trailer is passing another tractor trailer on a two lane freeway maybe 5 mph faster. UGH!! AZ doesn't have a law yet like OR, WA and CA where it's illegal for them to ever be in the #1 left lane, and they let pickups with trailers run in the HOV lane in AZ too which is nuts. Stay to right lanes and lock it down at 60 maybe 65 mph. AZ lawmakers are trying to pass a law where trucks and autos with trailers have to stay right.

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