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  1. It's mourning in America.

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    2. FordCosworth


      Illegals? You need to reposition those goalposts...22m+ " non citizens ". 



    3. surreal1272


      I don't have to move the goalposts. That was you when you tried to equate non-citizens with illegal immigrants when you clearly don't understand what the term "non-citizen" means and encompasses in this country. Just more foolish phobia comments from a proven liar (refer to my Soros remark if you're unclear as to why I would call you that). 

      Sorry for this Drew but I won't sit here and let him act like he knows what he is talking about while trying to insult your intelligence in the process. 

    4. FordCosworth


      I said not one word about " illegals " That was you. Just like you brought up " non citizens ". And now you're lying - stating that I don't understand the difference between. 

      Surreal in a nutshell: 

      " I can't read what you said. But I'll comment anyway with accusations ".  

      Thats the epitome of a troll 

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