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  1. End of summer cold 😞

    1. Drew Dowdell

      Drew Dowdell

      Yes actually. Albert keeps the air conditioning set to "Morgue"

      But no, I have a fever and sore throat at the moment. 

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  2. A status from 5 years ago that is true again today.

    1. Drew Dowdell

      Drew Dowdell

      @dfelt Lol what?  I'm not single.  I broke my phone again.

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  3. Getting in the holiday spirit. #grinch #happythanksgiving

  4. My birthday dinner at a tacky tasty Italian restaurant. 😁😁🤤

  5. Me: I'll take "Shopping" for $800.
    Alex:"This shopping location is popular on Sundays for groups of gay couples, families with small children, and college kids with parents in tow to gather."

  6. @gmc Sierra Denali with manufacturer plates and a never used snow plow. Wonder what's going on here.

  7. Drew, are there pictures to go with your status? Where do I go to see them, would love to see them. :) 

  8. The darnedest things you find 8 to 9 years later. Ripping out some paneling in an apartment and found this in the glue on the back. Albert Frick Maisto

  9. The 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution was adopted in 1791. It explicitly states that..."A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."For those unfamiliar with US History and the foundations on which our republic is built, the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting or target shooting. It was adopted as the last line of defense against tyranny. Basically, the framers of the US constit...

    1. Drew Dowdell

      Drew Dowdell

      See? Right there in the amendment... "well regulated".

  10. Free at last!

    1. Drew Dowdell

      Drew Dowdell

      Go you! Glad you got out. That place sounded poisonous.

  11. Snow started.

    1. Drew Dowdell

      Drew Dowdell

      No, we've had snow for weeks... but they're calling for a huge storm to hit Pittsburgh tonight and I'm supposed to fly to NYC in the morning. That's why I'm watching the weather.

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  12. I think we need a Old Brochure section I have a couple that I could scan in. It would take Time but I love lookign at old car media

    1. Drew Dowdell

      Drew Dowdell

      I like that idea... it could merge well with 98's uploads of old Motorweek reviews.

  13. now the front page says 2012 Aveo, not 2010 Aveo....LOL.....

    1. Drew Dowdell

      Drew Dowdell

      yeah, I fixed it.

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