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  1. Nick

    Chevrolet News:Meet the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro

    Wish they could've sectioned the body a bit vs the current gen, but otherwise, I like it. I really like the improvements to the interior (though, I'm not a fan of that steering wheel).
  2. Nick

    Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra Live Reveal

    That's the interior? I remember seeing spy photos of the interior thinking that they placed a mat/overlay over the entire thing (except the functional bits) as to keep it hidden and not give away any design cues. I'm shocked to see that is actually how they designed it.
  3. Nick

    I want a Camaro in Supersonic Blue Metallic

    I'm not providing any help, but I just have to +1 the supersonic blue. I remember Cadillac had a V-Series display at Laguna Seca ALMS last year, and they had all three variants in supersonic blue with the black wheels/grill/trim. It looked amazing (even with the yellow calipers). I don't know if they ever brought it as an actual color option, but they should really spread it around more. It really does look great. Good luck!
  4. Nick

    Happy Birthday Nick in Cali!

    What a weekend it has been! Thanks, guys!
  5. Nick

    Cadillac News: How Much For The Cadillac ATS?

    I'm highly anticipating the arrival of this car. I can't wait to test drive it. I'm in need of a car, and this is coming out right around the time I will begin shopping aronud. I don't necessarily want to go brand new, but if this ATS is any good, I could see myself in a turbo 6-speed. I would love to wait for the V-series, or at the very least, get into a diesel, but I'm afraid I won't be able to last that long.
  6. Looks like they lifted the dash off the Toyota Previa.
  7. Nick

    Cadillac ATS press photos!

    I need to see this in person and in different colors. I really wanted this to be my next car, but I am unsure about some of the details...mainly that rear decklid. The interior looks great, though.
  8. Nick

    BMW Postpones X1 US Debut Until A Refesh

    I see these quite often (locally). They can keep it.
  9. Nick

    Full Review: 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe

    I use the backseat in my car a lot...so much that I've considered getting a 7-series. I don't think anyone cares what the back seat is like...my car always ends up being the drunk bus. We've been known to cram seven or more people in my car (even one in the trunk, once). That being said, I like knowing that my car is finished throughout. I appreciate attention to detail.
  10. Nick

    Cadillac's Converj Becomes The ELR

  11. Nick

    Fog lights as Cornering lights?

    I've noticed this on a few cars, the X5 being one of them. Another interesting turn-signal feature I noticed is on Audis, specifically the A5. When the turn signal goes on, the row of LEDs on that headlight turns off. I imagine this is for improved visibility of the turn signal.
  12. This certainly helps to reveal a bit more detail: http://www.autoblog.com/2011/08/04/cadillac-confirms-xts-and-ats-coming-next-year/ While I can see why some would see Mercedes in this, I feel this is purely A&S styling. The first thought I had was "baby CTS."
  13. Cadillac, play your cards right and you just may have a buyer for the ATS-V.
  14. The civic is no longer recommended, but the Sentra and Corolla still are?

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