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Found 3 results

  1. According to MotorTrend, fords Mach e while pissing off the mustang faithful has already sold out all production for America and Europe for the first year. As such with GM having a flexible EV platform and considerable new EVs coming over the next 3 years, this begs the question of Could GM produce a Camaro EV CUV and call it the Z28? With the first nine auto's off the EV platform to be a Cadillac, one has to wonder how GM might fit the sporty performance into their product line and having a performance CUV Camaro could be the magic ticket. To quote the MotorTrend story: we'd expect a Chevy Camaro electric SUV to at least match the 255 horsepower Ford is targeting for the base Mustang Mach-E. For higher-trim variants, Chevy would likely have to adopt a dual-motor all-wheel-drive setup to stay competitive with the 332-hp, 417-lb-ft Mach-E 4 and 459-hp, 612-lb-ft Mach-E GT. https://www.motortrend.com/news/chevrolet-camaro-e-28-renderings/
  2. Manufacturing Revamp? GM spoke out a week ago about a national electric vehicle mandate that they were in favor of. Tesla has reported a bigger than expected profitable quarter and if you Bing or Google National electric vehicle mandate, the stories covering this is huge with more auto companies in favor than against. GM, Honda and the State of California have all as of 10-26-2018 officially pushed back on Trump and his administration in regards to the U.S. fuel economy standards. The short story of what you can read at the bottom in the links is that they are saying the federal government should embrace a zero emission vehicle sales mandate nationwide with a program start date of 2021. Honda took it a step forward and said a nominal steady increase should continue on all auto's and not a freeze. To quote Mark Reuss, GM's executive vice president of global product development, "We know that we can do better than the Trump proposal. We know that the industry can do better than that." GM states that a nationwide program would put 7 million long-range electric cars on the road and slash 375 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 compared with existing zero-emission mandates in this country. For details read the automotive news story as if really digs into the details of what is being called Faulty Modeling by the current administration and EPA. The story does quote the free-market Institute for Energy Research who says the existing standards are too aggressive penalizing suburban and rural consumers who are concerned about driving range and reliability. Industry uncertainty is very clear with some taking a big wait and see like FCA on one end and then GM, Honda and California on the other end saying the current administrations plan for revoking California's rule-making authority is flawed and should be scrapped. To quote Reuss in regards to a national electric car program: "It will facilitate more makers to be able to really focus on development of electric vehicles more efficiently, and take the guesswork out of what we think may or may not happen. We're making bets on a lot of uncertainty, which is highly destructive to capital." So what does this have to do with the title of "Fast Lane to EVs for GM? Some Think So!" Green car report got a no comment from GM when asked about a number of changes going on including upcoming announcements in regards to the Hamtramck plant which currently builds the Volt and is under utilized. The potential spin-off of Cruise Automation and or Maven, their profitable third quarter report and more according to multiple sources they say. To achieve the executive plan of Mary Barra of 20 new EVs by 2023 announced last fall GM is planning to make a series of manufacturing-location and development changes in motion to electrify it's fleet according to sources the story says. UAW and GM were in a give and take negotiations last year where the Buick LaCrosse, Cadillac CT6 and Chevrolet Impala were all on the possible kill off list as large sedans have struggled to sell in the current market lately. Some of these we know will continue on. GM has been cagey about the role of Plug-in hybrids with the slow selling of the Volt especially compared to the Toyota Prius Prime with a lower plug-in range, yet demand for the BOLT on the other hand has been very strong as GM has announced plans to expand production at the plant this year. GM's plan to unveil new long range electric CUVs also show that major changes in manufacturing will have to happen. GM is pushing ahead with a all new electric vehicle platform that will cover compact to full size electric long range auto's including family-sized crossovers. They have announced their all-new battery pack that will go into generation 2 EVs that will break the $100 / kWh barrier for lithium-ion packs allowing for a range of scale for both the China and US market along with the rest of the global market. This all comes on GM showing off their eCOPO Camaro that has an 800 volt battery pack very similar it would seem to the 800 volt pack that Porsche is using. This supports 700HP / 600 lb-ft of torque motors. Fast Charging that is 80% range in 15 min. it would appear that GM is embracing the future of automotive driving. Remember the Buick Enspire EV that has a 370 mile range battery pack, AWD with 550 HP with a 0 to 60 in 4 seconds. Then keep in mind while these are for China only, it would not be totally out of line for GM to change their mind and bring the Buick Velite 6 plug-in hybrid and long-range electric auto to the US after manufacturing starts in China. The Velite name used in China for all Hybrid and electric Buicks is currently on the Volt 2.0 platform, but the Velite 6 will be based on GMs new Modular compact to full size platform according to the Fool story. Buick Velite plug-in Hybrid will have a 435 mile range with battery pack / generator combo as it will use the new high-performance ternary lithium-ion battery pack built in the new GM battery plant in Shanghai. GM currently will not say much more about the new generation battery packs only they will release more info at a later date, possibly at an American auto show. Long story short, Motley Fool has a rare Double Down buy on GM stock with 20 new EV models for the global and US market, GM is showing true forward thinking that should place them well above other auto OEMs. GM has a $10,000 award for naming of their new $1,000 electric bike they are putting into production for sale across the U.S. According to GM the person responsible for naming this new foldable eBike will win $10,000 and all one needs to do is go to https://ebikebrandchallenge.com/call-for-entries to enter. You have till November 26th to enter. Nine finalist will win $1,000 each also. With the largest bike market being China, this totally makes sense for GM to get into and the U.S. as well as other markets will benefit from a bike that is assisted with electric drive to go nice and fast. So with so much electrification going on, why would one not expect GM to do a massive change in their manufacturing of auto's as they move to embrace a 36 month revolutionary role out or electric vehicles, bikes and who knows what else. Green Car Report Story Chicago Tribune Story on Mandate CNN National ZEV Mandate Story Automotive News story on Mandate Bing Search on Mandate Motley Fool story on Battery packs from GM U.S. Department of Energy PDF on GM's Li-Ion battery pack manufacturing eCOPO Camaro Media Release from GM GM eBike for Sale
  3. Camaro or Mustang EV CUV? We have heard from Ford that an EV auto will be part of their auto lineup and that a Mustang AWD EV could be part of that lineup. Ford also stated that the mustang name could make it onto a CUV or at least something other than the traditional 2 door pony car. They have pretty much stated that this would be a Mach1 Mustang Based EV SUV. Fast forward a few month to the Chevrolet Dealership meeting where many things were shown off to them and slipping out to a forum from an attendee was that they were shown a performance EV crossover with similarity to a Camaro. Is GM following Ford and planning to have a Performance Camaro CUV? Pulling from Motor1 and thoughts from InsideEV we end up with the following potential CUV like versions of a Camaro & Mustang. Seems 2020 is going to be an exciting EV year with options that many never had before in their lifetime. What are your thoughts on these potential EV Concepts / Production versions? InsideEV Story Motor1 Camaro Story Motor1 Mustang Story

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