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Found 1 result

  1. "I'd like to think that we're responsible for this. Two years ago, I took a Focus ST shod with winter tires to the Putnam Park road course outside Indianapolis to show that "snow tires" can handle a bit of summer heat if necessary. Now Ford has introduced a rather unusual option for the upcoming and highly-anticipated Focus RS: a winter tire and wheel package, priced at $1,995, that will be delivered in addition to the summer tires fitted as standard. In other words, it's a "trunk kit", so-called because you'll drive home with your winter tires in the trunk. Unless you take delivery next January, in which case you'll drive home with the winter wheels bolted on and the summer tires in the trunk. But you get the idea. I'm really stoked about the Ford winter-tire package because it shows how much thought is being put into the Focus RS. My brother has one of the super-hatches on order, as does my pal Matt Farah. But as cool as this "trunk kit" is, it's not even the coolest trunk kit of all time, and it's definitely not the coolest trunk kit I could possibly imagine. As Han Solo once said, I can imagine quite a bit." I LOVE this idea. I wish more companies would put out a winter wheel/tire package that was reasonably priced. I mean $2000 for a second set of wheels and tires for this car? I would have to believe that the OEM wheels alone are more than 2k to buy outright and then probably another 1000-1500 for winter tires in that odd size(I don't know the exact size but looking at how low-profile they are and knowing they are 19's). If I were dropping the 40k on this car(in my climate) it would be a no-brainer to spend the extra on the winter tire package.

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