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Ford unveils the all-new, but comfortingly familiar 2020 Ford Explorer http://bit.ly/2RiNpvl
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  • 24 replies

Rumorpile: Audi To Resurrect Horch For A Top-Line A8
Audi is planning to bring back a long-defunct name for an ultra-luxurious version of the A8. http://bit.ly/2xDVmzi
  • 9 replies

Lincoln MKT To Live On As A Livery Special
Don't let your last ride be your only ride in a #Lincoln.....Come try out a #Navigator, Aviator, #Nautilus, or #Continental today! In other news, the Lincoln MKT will live on for livery duty. http://bit.ly/2zmDpH1
  • 13 replies

Why your new car.... and your new used car... are going to cost you a bunch more. (Hint: #Tariffs) http://bit.ly/2MM6Dm6
  • 10 replies

Could the #Hyundai Elantra GT be a credible alternative to the #VW #Golf? Check out our review to find out. http://bit.ly/2GiwjnF
  • 7 replies

Review: 2018 Toyota Camry XSE
The #Camry is one of the best selling sedans on the market today. Check out our review of the 2018 #Toyota Camry XSE to find out why. http://bit.ly/2wwL8jG
  • 7 replies

Review: 2018 Mazda CX-9 vs. Volkswagen Atlas
#VW or #Mazda? #Atlas or #CX9? We take a comparative look at two of the big three-row crossovers that might not have been the first to crossover your mind. Which would you pick? http://bit.ly/2vSi5qL
  • 40 replies

Quick Drive: 2018 Hyundai Ioniq Blue
We take the #Hyundai Ioniq Blue for a quick spin. What do you think of Hyundai's entry into the #hybrid compact sedan space? http://bit.ly/2wqvc2y
  • 2 replies

2019 Buick Regal To Be Next Model Getting the Avenir Treatment
Buick is doing so well with the Enclave Avenir, they're going to try it on the 2019 Regal next.
  • 25 replies

How does the Hyundai Sonata Limited stand up to the stiff competition in the mid-size sedan segment? Read our review to find out.
  • 7 replies

We pit the pint size Korean cars against each other in this comparison review. Which do you prefer, the #kia rio or the #hyundai accent?
  • 6 replies

The #Detroit Auto Show will be leaving its January time slot for warmer weather. When do you think the new date will be?
  • 10 replies

The new #Hyundai #SantaFe changes its position in the lineup and gets a base price of just over $26k. The looks are unconventional, but we think it's pretty handsome..... what do you think?
  • 12 replies

#Ram is keeping the outgoing 1500 in production for another year or so to cover the entry level market. We take a look at a 1500 Limited before saying goodbye.
  • 2 replies

The 2019 #Volvo S60 made quite a splash at its debut. What do you think of the new look?
  • 19 replies

#Jaguar #LandRover has a very diesel heavy lineup in Europe, but with #diesel on the outs, JLR is putting $18 billion into electrification.
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Automakers both foreign and domestic have gotten together to tell President #Trump that his tariffs are a bad idea. They claim the tariffs will cost jobs, increase vehicle costs, and hurt sales. What do you think?
  • 14 replies

Sport or "Sport"? That's the question we're asking in this quick drive of the 2018 #Genesis G80 Sport. What do you think of Genesis's bid to take on #Audi and #Lexus?
  • 5 replies

#AlfaRomeo is hoping you'll say "crossover" Italian instead of German or Japanese with the Stelvio. Does this segment newcomer have what it takes to go up against the giants from Germany and Japan? Read our review of the 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti to find out.
  • 5 replies

A new #Volvo S60 is coming, and with it a high performance Polestar Edition. Is 472 lb-ft of torque in a compact sport sedan sufficient for you?
  • 13 replies

With the industry moving to crossovers, @Lexus is unsure of the future of its IS and GS sedans. Do you think #Lexus should stay in the sport sedan game?
  • 88 replies

GMC adds Graphite Edition and Graphite Performance Edition to the Yukon lineup.
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Care by #Volvo is a subscription service for cars, but it's had a rough start and significant delays. As one of our readers put it "6 month wait for a volvo? do they think they are #telsa?". Would you pay a subscription for a car that included payment, insurance, and maintenance in a single price?
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#GMC is going to be offering a sports package on the #Yukon called Graphite edition with a performance option on top of it. Now you can get the 6.2 and 10-speed in a Yukon without having to go to Denali.
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We take a look at the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. Does this Italian sedan have the chops to go up against the BMW M-Series. Mercedes-Benz AMG, and Cadillac V-series? Read our review to find out.
  • 11 replies

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