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    • The asshole says NO POLITICS... Yet the ASSHOLE POSTS POLITICS!!!    Posted on Thursday at 6:07 AM   Hey Asshole...Id let things go... But...when you are a phoquing hypocrite...I WONT    You said that you begged a regular poster to come back because of a supposed slant. I suppose that supposed slant came from me. Nada.  I dont insult folk that dont insult me first. About @dwightlooi    I know he dont like me.  He dont like me because I give him an alternative view on how he views the world and he cant handle it.  He didnt leave because of me. He insulted me. He is good with the insults. Not so good with the sulking. @USA-1   He insulted me too when politics came into the picture.  Strong personality....especially when an opposing view from his comes into play...    I see a pattern here... And about @Cmicasa the Great   This one I gotta laugh.   Casa and I go a looong way back.  Longer than you will ever know.  I wont pretend I know him as a poster, but Ive had a few back and forths with him.  But that is neither here nor there. About him tho and YOU mentioning him. I know that HE has questioned you 3-4 times on your hatred of EVs.  I also know that he wasnt too kind in one response. A somewhat subdued style of what I know of how he posts of not too kind of  posts ... But a rude CheersandGears definitnion of a unkind post nonetheless... the point is...ad nauseum...    YOU dont follow the same rules.... You righteous hypocritical asshole you!!!      Again...Im trying to entertain myself in reading stuff in here...wanting to post a response to @trinacriabob' post about Maradona Diego's death...trying to find the post and insert a Hand of God reference on how I remember him by     When I came across your shyte JUST when I was feeling bad about the whole thing...my anger towards you comes flooding back... What a hypocrite you are!!!! Like really.... What a phoquing joke you are!!! ]
    • I would rather cook some yummy food and watch a movie with a bottle of wine than watch sports.
    • When I become a fan of a team, Im a fan for life for that team.  Only once have I jumped ship. I was once a Montreal Canadiens fan. I got turned off by the that club, became a Bruins fan and that is that. Regarding the Cowboys...I fell in love with the team when I started watching the NFL in the early to mid '80s for whatever reason.  The lore of the Cowboys from the 1970s I guess. The allure of the Cowboy's cheerleaders...the "America's Team" moniker that was touted from back then...    Tony Dorsett and Herschel Walker.   All the glamour and glitz that was the Cowboys back then.  So...Ill stick with them with all the ups an downs.  Even when they are losing, from the late 1990s all the way to today, you GOT to admit, its entertaining AF!!!! From Tony Romo fumbling the damned football because his hot Jessica Simpson girlfriend is in the stands, to Terrell Owens pretend mooning the fans and the Cowboys' logo in their own home as an opposing player, to him crying because the fans and media are rough on "his quarterback" when he actually became a Cowboy himself a year or two later after the mooning incident, to well, this year... The Cowboys are FUN to watch!!!   Its awesome when they live up to the famous "America's Team" moniker with the 3 1990s Superbowls to the almost impossible task to live up to that moniker and them imploding the way they do.  Win or lose, the Cowboys are very entertaining.       
    • You would be correct. When you have to blow the dust off of a VHS tape and find a VCR to see their “glory days”, that says all I need to know about that team. 
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