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    • I forgot to mention:  My daughter did not hang around that boy because she thinks he is stupid. All of his friends too.  She also said that he had missed the last 2 school days.  There are several good news to this: 1. Is that she hasnt had any symptoms for at least that many days and even longer...  Could be that she is asymptomatic, but if she has it and now I and the other members of our family have it, well, we havent showed signs of Covid either. 2. Is that she thinks that  boys are stupid. She is 15 and quite smart and quite cute.  I also know that she thinks that most boys are stupid!  3.  She still finds boys stupid at 15!   I dont have to worry about stupid boys for a tad longer! 
    • So...a little bit of backstory.   Senior high school kids in Quebec go to school every 2nd day. Their off day they do they do the zoom thing. They are also separated by bubbles. (Cue in Seinfeld's Bubble Boy episode RIGHT HERE)  I got a call from my daughter yesterday that a kid from her class/bubble got tested positive for Covid. So I had to pick her up from school  because she (and all of her classmates that are in the same bubble)  wasnt allowed on the school bus (and my boy although he was able to take the bus home) Anyway...long story short.  I got an e-mail letter from le Gouvernement du Québec health département that my daughter and anybody and everybody living in the same house as her gots to get tested for Covid-19.    So...yippee!!!  I get to get tested for Covidness tomorrow!           
    • A buddy of mine in Colorado back around 2000-2001 bought a clean '95ish Cutlass Supreme convertible, red w/ a white interior to replace his aging Sunbird convertible (which was that neat two tone gray/black from around '86 or so).   I remember the hoop structure the Cutlass had so they could keep the beer tap style door handles on the convertible...rode in it several times, neat car....last I checked, he still has it, along w/  an '06 GTO and '09 G8 GXP along w/ his oldies ('69 GTO Judge and '69 Cutlass 442). 
    • Never thought about it before but sure; printed sales brochure for hearses :
    • The name Ciera is a match for the Cutlass family, but the platform, shared with Century/6000/Celebrity, is different.  I forgot the letter of that GM chassis.  Of these, I liked the 6000 the best - nicer front end, rear fascia, and clean looking dash.  Of the possible engines for these four, I liked the 3300 V6 the best (only found in Olds and Buick). I once had a '95 Cutlass Supreme coupe as a rental.  I liked it.  I didn't love it.  It was way better than the '88 base model that would have had the 2.8 V6. I liked the fuel mileage and decent response of the 3.1, the nicer dash, the alloy wheels (kudos to the '88 International for the alloys that resemble latticed wire wheels), and the blue illumination in the gauge cluster. The one I had as a rental was white. I liked this dash much better.  Simpler to work with, too.  I had black cloth buckets in my rental.  These look like leather. - - - - - Was that Iron Duke your family bought a dud in terms of power or was it a dud in terms of reliability?  Or both? I've known people who had either Cieras or Centurys with 3300s that, like 3800s, ran forever.    
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