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  1. I actually saw the YouTube videos minutes after I asked the question. I want to make sure I don't have any problems with the DSG, so I gotta take care of it!
  2. I have been looking for a repair manual to buy for my 2012 VW Passat TDI and can't find anything for that year. I need to perform the DSG service, which VW charges 400 bucks for. I purchased the filter, gaskets and fluid for $150, but would like a manual to confirm how to perform this service. Any advice?
  3. I saw my first ever SS in the wild today. Much nicer looking than I remember from the autoshow last year.
  4. 47k. I bought it used, it's a 2012
  5. On a side trip from Cincinnati to toledo, I set the cruise at 70 mph and ran the right land of I 75. The in dash computer says I averaged 49.5 mpg! I haven't filled up to calculate it manually yet, but that is hugely impressive to me on a car as large as my Passat!
  6. We made it! 561.4 miles, 14.773 gallons, 38 mpg. Can't complain since the cruise was set at 80mph the entire way!
  7. Too many things went wrong at work today for both my partner and me. I'm going to bed now to head out for Ohio around midnight. Roads should be cleared up by then, and there will be far less crazy people on the road!
  8. Yeah, it'll be pretty rough with the weather, but I've certainly driven through worse! I'm sad to see the charger go too, I love that car. I am moving in with my partner in the near future, and he lives an hour north of my job, but he commutes into NYC, so it isn't deasible for him to move farther south. I wasn't in a hurry to get a diesel, I have a few months, but I found a great deal so I jumped!
  9. Last night I traded the Charger RT on a 2012 Passat TDI with the DSG. I am leaving for a road trip this afternoon from NJ to Ohio, driving all over the state of Ohio and back to NJ next Tuesday. I am anxious to see what kind of mpgs this thing gets cruising down the highway! I will let you know when I get back next week!
  10. I would love to purchase a GM diesel passenger car but do not want anything as small as the Cruze or jetta. I would buy a Passat. I have test driven the Cruze diesel, if it was the size of a Malibu, or better yet an impala, I would be all over it!
  11. I've been thinking of trading my Charger RT on a Passat tdi, as my daily commute is about to change from 8 miles round trip to 120 miles round trip. If you were to do it all over again, would you buy the tdi? Are you happy with it? What advice would you have, if any, about buying a VW tdi?
  12. Yes, they would put more cargo on the truck, as gross weight would still remain 80,000lbs. But by putting an extra 4,000lbs of cargo on a truck, for every 10 trucks carrying an extra 4,000lbs of cargo, they could remove one truck from the fleet. Less trucks would be able to transport the same amount of cargo.
  13. I meet and/or exceed the mpg ratings on my 11 Charger RT all the time, and I do not drive it gently.
  14. With it being on auto, I'm not sure, but I just went to the garage to try it in manual mode. Even when it is manually put on the head, it still will not activate the recirc. On the touch screen, the recirc button is grayed out, for this familiar with Uconnect's touch screen.
  15. My 2011 Charger has the automatic climate control system in it. This is the first summer I had owned the car. When I have the HVAC on auto and push the button to turn the recirc on, the light flashes three times and then goes off, indicating that it is not in recirc. I tried using it in the manual mode, and the same thing happens, the light flashes three times and shuts off. Is anyone familiar with this HVAC system or have any ideas what may be wrong? At 95 degrees, is like to run the a/c in recirc, but don't seem to be able to. I will take it to my dealership if needed, just curious if anyone here had any ideas. Thanks!

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