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    If it's Got wheels, that's where I'm gonna be!!
  1. It's quite sad, if only they would have just rebadged it as a GMC. Just think what might have been.
  2. just because u call it a mustang dont make it a mustang china!!!
  3. what can be seen, cannot be unseen. and i wish i hadn't seen this monstrosity!!!
  4. y, just y??? just because u can put a carriage roof on something doesnt mean that you should!!!!!
  5. Go 4 it, a truck like that is worth getting, and since its the 4L80E it should be a cheap fix.
  6. Ocnblu, u got the right idea! As Biggie once said, "Kick in the door wavin the 44, make em say Poppa please dont hit me no more". But seeriously though that is some bull, the dealership just want money which they will lose when Missy takes em 2 court and take em 4 every penny they got!!
  7. Cool, the only time I've ever seen a Packard from that era has been in a car museum.Glad 2 see she is out driving hers!!
  8. Whoever desecrates a Corvette shall be drawn quartered and burned @ the stake!!!!
  9. This thing is a Russian H.A.M (Hot Ass Mess)
  10. GM should just call it Chevelle and call it a day. People respect that nameplate!!!

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