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  1. DelawareMonte

    Chevrolet Blazer

  2. DelawareMonte

    Trailblazer and Envoy not quite dead yet

    I would be interested in a Trailblazer/Envoy if they made them the size of the old S10 blazer and made them to get better gas mileage. My 93 s10 blazer just averaged 25.8 miles to the gallon on the highway. I know I could never get that kind of mileage out of a Trailblazer. If it is kept as a 5 passenger SUV with towing ability, I think it would still do well in the marketplace. Just look at how many S10 Blazer/Jimmys are still on the road from the 80s and 90s.
  3. DelawareMonte

    FIRST LOOK: 2008 Pontiac G8 GT

    Nice car but can we please name it Bonneville or Grand Prix and stop this numerical stuff. I think it looks most like an updated Bonneville. Maybe GM will get some sense with the names but I know that is only a dream.
  4. DelawareMonte

    2007 Escalade sighting

    I was driving this morning and saw a brand new Escalade in the flesh at an intersection. It really looks sweet in person. I didn't think I would see one yet but I guess they are starting to trickle into dealerships. Thought I would let you all know.
  5. DelawareMonte

    Look who else is convinced...

    Well that wasn't his purpose for being there. He was there to talk about the solstice and Sky and I guess that came up in conversation. Lets put it this way, the rumor of the Camaro coming to Wilmington has been swirling around awhile , at least that has been the rumor among the employees.
  6. DelawareMonte

    Look who else is convinced...

    My dad works at the Wilmington plant where the solstice and sky are being produced and a few weeks ago Bob Lutz visited the plant. Evidently he told some people that the camaro is coming to production but GM is not sure what plant yet. Only time will tell. Sooner rather than later!
  7. DelawareMonte

    Jan 2006 Sales: General Motors Corp

    Good sales numbers for January! Way to go GM!! I couldn't help but laught seeing a few Oldsmobiles in the mix of numbers. How on earth can there still be unsold Oldsmobiles?? Also Buick Regals and Century's?
  8. DelawareMonte

    Official Camaro concept thread - for now

    OMG! What a sweet car. When can I place my order?!

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