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  1. Stephen C.

    Google CEO: Ridiculous that humans drive cars

    I agree with you. Maybe a lot of people will agree with him if he would say that he is ridiculous
  2. Stephen C.

    Official Desktop Wallpaper Thread

    These are my favorite car wallpapers.
  3. As a gamer myself, that would be a lesson not to cheat. But don't get me wrong, stabbing someone because of a computer game, specifically Counter Strike, it is absolutely wrong.
  4. Stephen C.

    Buy Borderlands or go to Hell

    Since you guys are speaking about Steam, I can't wait for the Left4Dead Movie to be released.
  5. Stephen C.

    Least favorite car related tasks

    yeah, same here. Filling up with gas. Dang!!!!
  6. Stephen C.

    The Animated Gif Thread

  7. Stephen C.

    3 Things Drivers Do To Make Us Mad

    Nice post. I agree with you man. Well I hope most or all of the drivers out there are just like you.
  8. check out this site guys, its all about car upgrades and repairs: http://www.racepages.com/

  9. Stephen C.

    Pink Corvette

    wow, my sis would love to have a car like this since she really loves pink
  10. Stephen C.

    Love My Buick

    nice ride
  11. A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.

    John F. Kennedy

  12. just checkin' around

  13. Stephen C.

    Hi everyone!

    I'm new here. What up guys? Hope to have a good stay in this forum

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