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  1. I am planning on going to Woodward and 13 mile on Wed.Aug 18 in the early afternoon .... With a pack of Hot rods from GM. Dont know much else about which cars are coming... If you like GM stuff try and make it It' gonna be a great time. Also saw a guy running a Ls9 in a 69 Camaro on Woodward.
  2. Hello to Everybody-long time no see! I am still gainfully employed by one the most interesting car companies in the world... Just thought I would check in here and let you all know to watch the 20/20 special tonite on ABC. They have done a lot of filming at the Design Studios at the Warren Tech Center and the previews show quite the eyefull! Filming inside Studio X, future Corvette hints, and some other goodies....Watch it. or DVR it...It will be goood watching either way. Don't miss out.
  3. I was thru this area last week(shivers) on a gray rainy day... its not too far from Hamtramack Asm. plant. We drove down to tour and study some load fixtures stuffing DTS's and Lucernes with parts- slowed to about half the speed the line was designed to run. What a contrast of modern asm. and this tragic historic circumstance. Makes my brain spin. I also have been to the Packard proving grounds near 22mile and Van Dyke for many cars shows, they used to have a nascar like banked track to test the Packards on. Anyway I was really struck with how some areas of Detroit looked when going there off the beaten path and wished I brought a Camera. The areas in these pictures are really big pieces of land and the experience left me feeling small but fortunate. Last summer I went to a car show at the Ren Cen, and on the way to the river front parking, they staged us past this dilapidated area with burned out bldgs and factories full of smashed hopes and dreams... almost felt like crying I said ALMOST. yeah but super wierd feeling.
  4. Hi- There I was blasting down I-696 on way way to work.... When I see an aluminum flat bed with a G8 on it... It was bright red with fat tires and big exhaust, and I thought -no way- It had SLP tags and a scripted tag -Firehwawk- The hood was black and wasn't stock -some rise to it, didn't get to see the hood too good. He turned off 696 and headed North I-75 .. Probably SLP Eng. in Troy. The thought crossed my brain that I should share on C&G soooo... anyways- I don't now if it was a prototype or 1 of xxx? Just that I saw an uncovered badass Poncho on a Jerr-Dan. I have been busy and sort of lost interest in posting for a while, things have been rough at work but I'm hanging in there! I do my best but sometimes feel like it might not be enough...btw .. I was lucky enough to sample a black Camaro with a 3.6 & a stick last week...loved the car, but the engine ...not so much, I felt it needs a V-8 . I could get used to it, but seriously felt it lacked the power to pull that heavy car around. It's hard to have it all.
  5. Looks like54 then 56 then maybe 67 like a Chevy II love it !! My brother an opel GT manta like in the 80s I think they were selling them here thru GM dealers super light and revved high fun. bright yellow wblack stripeage..
  6. Dohhhh! Busted. Man that car looks familiar! I caught a pic of the interior... It was specially crafted from mostly garbage, but finally I broke down and bought a shifter. It's almost done!
  7. mightymouse


    You guys.... I don't advocate the rules...Just letting you know- Yes I burn rubber and like fun cool cars- but this is real stuff from big brother. I drive cars and push the limits sometimes, so I like the idea of a built-in rollbar in my Camaro- it doesn't bother me... Convertibles are exempt from roof crush tests because they don't have roofs Side impact tests are also changing- Volvos that are safe now will need reinforcing! Side Impact tests will simulate sliding into a pole sideways w/ force= (about 42mph)- Voilent! A very small amount of cockpit intrusion is allowed....super B pillars and fat A pillars are coming and they don't look good. sorry. Vert' Cliff notes: NHTSA Continues Convertibles' Exemption from Roof-Crush Rules Situation 1. NHTSA to upgrade standard for roof-crush resistance for 1st time since 1971 2. Won't hold convertibles, including retractable hardtops, to fixed-roof vehicle standards 3. Won't impose convertible-specific rollover rules such as requiring roll bars 4. German, Swedish automakers proactive in past 15 years in protecting occupants in rollover 5. Strengthened A-pillars, windshield frame to withstand rollover; engineered roll bar systems 6. Convertibles look less safe in rollover but less likely to be involved in rollovers Significant Points 1. Federal law says NHTSA can't regulate vehicle type of existence; means can't apply standard that no convertible can meet 2. Manufacturers offering roll bars say offer some protection 3. Rollover safety equipment not tied to premium-priced vehicles 4. Safety advocates undecided on response to roof-crush proposal; say roll bars probably not sufficient in rollover 5. Convertible rollovers accounted for less than 1% of US rollover deaths in 2004 Background 1. Key provisions of proposed new fixed-roof vehicle standards are: 2. Increase force applied in testing to 2.5 times vehicle's unloaded weight 3. Requirement for maintenance of enough headroom for mid-sized adult male 4. Extend roof-crush resistance rule to vans, trucks, buses w/ gross weight of 6K-10K pounds Thought for the day: If we didn't have to design and install all the crap the Feds demand, or protect unbelted occupants.... Vehicles would probably cost approx. $ 5000 less then they do now... at least 5g! What is the real cost of safety? where does it end? It doesn't. All cars will require side curtain Airbags by 2013 Oh noooooooo! PS I don't wanna talk about safety any more. - but I had to defend GM ( too much koolaid) Get ready for Woodward updates bitches!!!!
  8. mightymouse


    DING Another Winner my friends!!!Computer models led the path to strength. Both good reasons -you are genious! I'm not a genious.....or are I..... You know exacly how much a Camaro weighs and....you know it
  9. mightymouse


    Exactly ! Logic at work! Maybe nonobtanium metal would work well in this application, I don't know. 2- 1/2 times the weight of a car is a lot. Hey -I'm just the messenger.. I respect the emotion of a car....I get it. I DO. The A and C pillars are on steep angle because of styling the cool body.... Those angled pillars act as a HINGE point to bend. The roof need some stiffness as in a~straight pillar~ to stiffen and support the middle of the roof. Imagine 10,000 lbs realistically on a B-pillarless roof. Imagine how you would support the roof and glass..from deformation? I just thought I should explain the Reason from my perspective. Everyone else gets the same chance To say whats up....Thats the reason! SEMA will showcase the Camaro and I bet there will be a handfull of modified - roof cars! Maybe you can buy a Foose modified one in Vegas. Now THIS is a B pillar, class......suited for performance applications.
  10. mightymouse


    Agreed. Love the look. Love the air ripping thru the cabin.... I am really happy GM decided to build the roll cage into My New Camaro's body though. Thanks GM! Body structure and chassis- The 2010 Camaro is built on GM's global rear-drive architecture, with a strong body structure that enhances safety, quietness and handling. Designed to protect occupants before, during and after a crash, the Camaro offers a comprehensive system of safety features - starting with a robust body structure and integral safety cage around the passenger compartment. High-strength steel and ultra high-strength steel are used in key areas throughout the structure. "Thanks GM -for having the foresight to build a rollcage into my new hot rod for me. You rule." It's a good thing because 1/3 of ALL light vehicle fatalities are resultant from rollovers in which the roof structure failed. 1/3 of ALL fatalities. . . Hmmm That is a lot.... The roof crush tests will likely begin in 2010, and cars that you guys are mumbling about w/o pillars will no longer be sold, because of noncompliancy of rollover regulations. End of story - I don't make this $h! up. There is a reason for everything and I don't need guys who have never designed a damn thing telling me about how a weak roof that is pretty is BEST. Looks Great -Poor Logic. Poor sales if the feds don't pass it- like none. First guy to design a thin gauge sheet metal roof structure w/o B-pillars and use finite element analysis to illustrate it can withstand a 10,000 lb load w/o deformation... will get a big prize. The laws of physics won't allow what you dreamers are going on and on about. I've seen it. I live it every day. Based on fact- not feelings or opinions Big diff between weak and strong I choose strong whenever possible. So again, blame these guys - and the future rule makers... Not GM. http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/rules/CrashW...S216Notice.html These guys too: http://www.roofcrushresistance.com/ GM did what they had to with the body structure end of story If you don't like it, sawzall yours out. I'm keeping mine in.
  11. mightymouse


    You have all made your point clear.... very clear. You do have the OPTION to sawzall your b-pillars out on your camaro if you want.... I'm sure there will be SEMA Camaros w/o them. Needing to withstand a 10,000 lb load on it's roof- GM made the right call. Who wants a weaker roof that costs much more to develop and validate so that it will pass the Federal tests? Doesn't make sense. NHTSA Regulates [strangulates] the design process to an insane degree....vision, safety, strength, mpg.....every damn thing. I wish I could take you to work and show you what it's like.... what we are up against... The latest big Fed deal now is to design for Pedpro...... Pedestrian protection regulations -extremely light and crushable front ends hooray! half the car is a crumple zone to protect the dumbass that walks in front of your car while jaywalking Sorry about the link -besides its 9 million pages of egghead babble anyway that would put you to sleep quick. I got an eyefull of the red RS production Camaro today up close from every angle...I still want one but FYI the rr qtr glass with interior trim makes the window opening smaller than a hand....the billar with trim is HUGE....! sorry dudes I don't think of anyone being a hillbilly or aardvark -jus trying to be funnystupid Please don't hold your breathe for the big return of the pillarless coupes just enjoy the old ones.
  12. mightymouse


    Hillbilly Aardvarks Relentlessly Denying The Obvious Priorities Don't waste your time. True hardtops have approximately 15 percent higher risk of a non-ejection fatality in a rollover crash than pillared cars of the same size and exposure pattern. Because of this fact, your friends at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Department of Transportation have implemented standards that demand (in short) that all new vehicles subject to the standard that the roof structure withstand the force of 2.5 times their unloaded vehicle weight, without significant headroom intrusion....convertibles are exempt from the rule because if you roll one - you are paralyzed or dead- B-pillars aren't a f*cking option on a vehicle with an integral roof - GM didn't decide to put them in or leave them out on the Camaro! There are also new side impact requirements that are unbelievable! Don't get me started. Structure isn't an afterthought or a maybe.... It's absolutely critical to good design! I thought we went through this before -remember? New cars require lighter bodies and more strength! No more pillarless cars -never ever ....sorry. Next! http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/rules/ruling...NPRM-to-FR.html
  13. seen a few (physically modded)- Heres one I can post: http://www.hhrclub.org/galleries/deg2898/gallery1.htm
  14. Its OK.... I know what to do with threads like these......! I went to cruise night at Walter P. Chryler Museum at The Chrysler Tech center on Thursday. I will show at least 3 that I really liked... If god drove a car, I'm betting it would be a '59 Eldo..... oh yeah.... This one rattled my brain not my kinda color tho Its a twin turbo V-8 built by Bob Ryzok at performance division (GM) check out his dyno sheet this was happening a lot.... Here is another I really liked it had a new hemi with coil packs on the covers.. Yeah and check the split window with fuel injection... wicked sounding! There were sooo many I didn't even go into the museum OMG did you see this thing Its panels... -smooth as blown glass!!!!! It had buckets too.

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