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  1. I really am not warming up to the new taillights...
  2. Basically I would model my hyper car company after Koenigsegg...
  3. There's too much competition and not enough demand to enter the the US market as a new motorcycle company. sinc you would need to sell your 250 for 3,900 which is damn near impossible to do yourself. If you want to use, say a Honda motor, you have to pay royalties out the butt. Then go through years of DOT red tape, since you want a mass production bike and not a custom bike job. EPA is getting on bike pretty hard thes days too since a 250 bike makes more emissions than a current quarterton truck.
  4. Well HD ruined Buell completely so you can blame them (although Buell himself signed the dell even though his lawyer said "no"), but his contract with HD has allowed Erik to start racing and start a company again. (he had a certain no compete time frame) http://www.erikbuellracing.com/motorcycles/1190rs/ there only bike starts a cool $39,999. I was lucky enough to sit on it at the bike show this past winter. If you want an american as walmart motorcycle, you can look into http://www.clevelandcyclewerks.com/bikes/ they are all 250's for now I think. They are designed in the US buy almsot entirely made in china.
  5. I know it really saddens me, Harely's have come a long way and are very well built and durable but there ego is ruining there bikes. It would be very hard for a newbie to get comfrotable on one. I have ridden a few at there demo events and I can't ever just trust the bike. I'm always counter balancing which as heavy as they are tires you out. While say on a FZ-6R (an upright riding position and tuned down kind of R6) I can always just trust the bike and it's comfy and wickedly awesome fun to tip over in the corners. I have taken out a couple Yamaha v star's and compared to the harelys they just feel much litghter and confident down the road. They just don't have that solid over built feel. Plus it's 2012 F***ING Water cool that motor.
  6. Not related to OP, but is the Opel/vauxhall Ampera being built in the US or just the volt? Is this for the sivlerado or colorado type trucks? GM just dumped a bunch of money into the Flint HD Silverado assembly line. As well as I thought they were happy with the Fort wayne plant as well as the one Canada plant or am I severly out of the loop?
  7. Or a Call list blocker that works would be nice, The owner of my previous phone number was a registered *insert party here* and It annoys the F#$! out of me.
  8. Seen an amazing old 1950's ford truck and an Museum Quality 60's 442 on a stretch of road in AZ over the weekend when I was visiting a lady friend...
  9. the 80's through 2007 ninja 250 is a awesome light bike. Much better than the CBR250r in terms of speed and fuel economy plus it has a 14k redline. The only thing is it has a carb. The current 2012 ninja has a carb as well. I haven't rode the honda yet but from the mags I have read they all still choose the Ninja. the honda's 0-60 is about 8.6 seconds... At least the ninja's in the 7 second range. the old ninja will do 110, the current one right at 100. I haven't seen a stock honda do over a 100 yet. There isn't such a thing as a nimble Harley, they are desgined to feel heavy and solid. Check out the Yamaha cruisers, they are much more nimble and honestly, feel better overall going down the road. If you get heat from a HD owner then you shouldn't associate with them in the first place. Oh boy do I love speed, but I love living as well, it's tough spot to live in. The ninja 500 is the better bike mechanically, but the GS 500 looks better to me. 250's actually are hot on the used market and getting insanely more money than they deserve becasue they get into the 70 mpg's. Guy I work with has an 93 ninja 250 and he has been able to get it into the 80's while doing 75 on the freeway.
  10. 2014? Impala on a car hauler with zebra stripes on the back half of the car.
  11. Where is the sense of adventure? Things like this are awesom. I would totally drive that around. I dorve a wwII jeep that was in much worse condition and it was fine. Things are always more structually sound than people think they are.
  12. Yeah it's always sad to see an accident of any kind, especially when it's close to home. I am a huge motorcycle fan although I only currently own a project of a dirt bike, but it seems for evey 1 good rider out there there are 15 that you shake your head at. (I know I'm one of them) I mean I'm young and feel invincible and love speed. It's so imporant to ride overly defensively AND offensively on a bike as well as having the right gear. Sandels, shorts, and, t shirt will never be enough not even for your 49cc moped. It sucks in the summer to wear armor but, you have to do it. I know of many people saved by good gear. I love the fact that I was able to take the $25 Motorcyle safety course and then get my endorsement and be able to ride any bike, but so many people aren't ready to ride the liter bikes, but seem to start there. the US needs a graduated license system liek the rest of the world. A 250cc bike is still plenty fast and personally I think they are wickedly fun to ride. Then once you have experence you can have your 700 cc bikes, then move to liter bikes. I spent some time on a Yamaha R1 and my expirence was limited and mostly on dirt prior to that bike. That bike is just wicked. When your winding out 1st gear to 104 before you even shift into 2nd, you have to realise how responsible you have to be. As a bad bike rider you have to realise most cars don't realise how fast you come up on them and how not visible you are. On a 40 mph road I would probably do about 70-75 and you blow by cars and the drivers don't even know what happened untill you are 2-3 car lengths infront of them. Then I had a real close freind have a terrible accident, kind of put everything in to perspective and I'm much more tame these days. My dad has a 125 zuma that I have learned to have fun on at much safer speeds. Reg, Check out BRP's site theres usually demo trucks that come in town and you drive them around in a pack for a good 30 minutes. Very intresting machines. Having drove one I understand their purpose but It's like relearning a bicycle when you hit the twisties.
  13. I'm going to break the rules here, I saw a white Ducati Multistrada. Was very very sexy bike to follow to work.

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