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  1. wskikevin


    Saw this little Jeep Renegade on the way into work this morning. I thought it was only going to be available in Europe, but now I'm hearing that it might be coming to the states.
  2. wskikevin

    A few 2014 Order Guide tidbits - with jokes!

    Maybe this is in a different thread, I have has some issues with http://eogld.ecomm.gm.com recently and was wondering if the site was updating or if you had knowledge of another source for this data?
  3. wskikevin


    Spotted a Alfa Romeo 4C test mule in all black yesterday around lunch time.
  4. wskikevin


    This was taken on the 696 / 275 interchange heading toward Milford. Seems early to not have a manufacturer plate. I agree it seems early, I thought that Encore production wasn't beginning until after the new year. Now that we know that they are coming out after the new year, this must be part of GM's "captured fleet" to work out bugs prior to start of production.
  5. wskikevin


    This was taken on the 696 / 275 interchange heading toward Milford. Seems early to not have a manufacturer plate.
  6. wskikevin


    Saw the new Buick Encore on the road without a manufacturer plate.... I'm a bit confused by that.
  7. wskikevin

    Interactive Review: 2013 Chevrolet Malibu Eco

    If it hasn't gone back yet... with that eAssist hardware in the trunk, can you fit a set of golf clubs in it without lowering the back seat?
  8. wskikevin

    Spotted On The Cloverleaf

    Chevrolet Orlando with Ontario Plates. I thought this was not coming to North America. I guess it was just not coming to the US (except to visit)
  9. wskikevin

    Design Competition #4 - K5 Design Contest

    Camino!!! I have been looking for info on this truck for years now. It was at NAIAS and I thought it had a mid-gate like an avalanche. What is it called and where did you find this picture? Thanks!
  10. wskikevin

    What Modern Car Will Be A Future Cult Classic?

    +1 a lot of car guys and Pontiac fans don't know that this car was ever produced.
  11. is still enjoying his 2010 Malibu. Now with new wheels!

  12. wskikevin

    We're Calling It: The In-Dash CD Player Dies in 2015

    The majority of new GM vehicles have a line in and/or a USB input. The best place I have seen them in in the arm rest, the worst is on the dash. You just plug in your jump drive with your music and off you go. The radio sorts and displays the artist and song names. CD's in cars get scratched or beat up way to easy. Just burn them to MP3 once and you have them when you need them. CD's may not go away, but the player in the car should.
  13. wskikevin

    Vinyl Stripe Removal

    I have removed many decals from my vehicles over the years using the hair dryer method and it works just fine. Sometimes a bit of adhesive is left on the paint, which can be cleaned up with rubbing alcohol. Today's paints are tested to be UV stable for 5 years min, so weathering has never been a problem for me.
  14. wskikevin

    One third of drivers can't recognize this idiot light

    If there is a sudden gash in your tire, this light would be useless. You would already know something is wrong. The light comes on when a tire is 25% under inflated. That does allow you some flexability, kinda like your low fuel light does.

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