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  1. stlcadet11

    Choppin' Competition #16 - April Fool's!

    Ya I was just trying to put something together after my friend told me about the comp. I might update a little later when I get home from school.
  2. stlcadet11

    Choppin' Competition #16 - April Fool's!

    Here is my Mali-hoe. Its got the size of a malibu with the feel of a tahoe, and SHINY BUTTONS!
  3. stlcadet11

    Official Camaro concept thread - for now

    ya i did that in a few min, i could have prolly done a better job on the silver if i had a bigger pic or something
  4. stlcadet11

    Spy Pic of Camaro

    UM ya, MORON, u r a dumbass.
  5. stlcadet11

    Choppin' Competition 7 Results

    ya i use the smudge tool A LOT!, but i have never really used the clone tool before, ill have to check it out, i have photoshop 9.0 though
  6. stlcadet11

    Choppin' Competition 7 Results

    hey buddy p howd u make that on your own? i took a porsche top and put it on but i dont know how u did that
  7. stlcadet11

    Choppin' Competition 9 Voting!

    5 3 5 is amazing
  8. HOLY!!! NOS that is my favorite one yet, this looks like a fun chop, i think i might enter
  9. stlcadet11

    Photoshop Tutorial

    lol damn, that is the only one i DO know of
  10. stlcadet11

    Photoshop Tutorial

    I was wondering if anybody knows anygood photoshop tutorials and post some links to them, I am really in the need for new ideas and ways to improve my choppin. If anybody could help that'd be great.
  11. stlcadet11

    Choppin' Competition 8 - GMC Yukon

    o and northstar, i think u mean october 15th, the 8th was yesterday

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