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  1. Why GM should NOT build a DOHC V8

    I always love 911 fanboys. 0-60 2.9 really? that's only with launch control ON without it slower than 3.4 0-60 second. Also have fun with those 0-60 in 2.9 when you blow your tranny and it's not under warranty since you used launch control too much What's MSRP on a 911 turbo again yup 140k+, 4-5k of bolt-ons on that Zr1 you are blowing the 911 turbo out of the water with an extra 35k+ in your pocket. Really a flat 6 TT is more efficient than a LS9/LS7 lol obviously not to mention all MPG tests the turbo is out of boost pretty simple to get MPG ratings low.

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