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  1. LOL... a great American... uh... Canadian... novel worth of posts later it comes down to this. Oldhurst442 lives in Canada and is worried about corrosion in used cars. Because of import laws, he doesn't have access to cars from south of the border. Doesn't change the fact that a certified 3 year old will have ZERO CORROSION and ZERO ACCIDENTS or it could not have been certified. BTW, I am sure canada has no restrictions of Quebec folks buying cars from British Columbia.
  2. There is this thing called SHIPPING. It costs $400~600 to ship a car to Northern CA from Southern CA, AZ or NV. About $800~1000 to ship it from the mid-west including Texas. About $1300 from the east coast including Florida. The last two cars I bought, I bought online sight unseen and have them shipped. With the exhorbitant rent and labor costs, buying from local dealers adds about $3000~6000 to the price of a $40K used car. So I buy out of state and pay a few hundred bucks to get it shipped in. If you are so fussy about salt and snow you can get yours remotely too.
  3. I got the 2014 CTS VSport Premium from Texas with 26K miles and not a scratch in 2017 for $33K ($40K off the $73K as new price tag). That's 55% off. You cannot convince me that buying new and driving that first 26K miles at a cost of $40K is a good deal compared to driving the next 70K miles for $18~20K. It has 69K miles on it now and I'll probably keep it for another year to year and a half.
  4. The beautiful thing about the market place is that we do not have to rely on oldhurst442 for a healthy supply of used cars. I have never, ever, had a significant issue with my used cars. I buy at 3~4 sell at 6~7. Usually, they never see the inside of a workshop and if they did it is usually under warranty anyway. I don't even buy particularly "reliable" makes and models (apart from the two Acuras). The last 6 were 2017 Acura MDX, 2014 CTS VSport, 2011 Jaguar XF 5.0 Supercharged, 2008 Acura TL, 2005 M-B C55 AMG and 2000 Audi S4.
  5. Go buy a new car and lose lots of money then. It's a free country -- even Canada is in this regard. We need people like you to buy new so we have used cars to benefit from. I'll never buy new. If I have a billion dollars, that 2014 Boeing 787-9 with 20,000 flight hours will look pretty good especially if it has GEnx engines that was just overhauled.
  6. I like the (2nd generation) CTS Coupe. It looks like the VW Corrado to be honest, but I like it. Can't say the same about the creaky Recaro seats in the car though. Those were a disgrace.
  7. It's OK. It's just not a design feature that exudes "luxury" or "exclusivity". A luxury car that "looks" like a Honda Accord is, well, meh...
  8. You worked too hard and researched too deeply. Cadillac's LOSER designers simply plagiarized their work from a car they see everyday while driving to work!
  9. 50+K is more than the XT5. GM needs to figure out how to make money on cars that don;t sell in the hundreds of thousands or they are going to have a problem going forward Camaro or no Camaro..
  10. Looks like an i8 which was a total loser product. And, looks like they are repeating the same loser formula -- pathetic electric range + weak asses ICE generator. Add a big price tag and the impracticalities of of a 2-seat coupe, good luck with the sales. Let me put it this way, the car will be CHEAPER, SIMPLER, LIGHTER and FASTER if it was simply a pure EV. And, trust me, people looking for a "practical" ride with the legs to go on interstate trips don't buy 2-seat hybrid supertoys anyway.
  11. And, what I was saying is that if you are relying on traction control to put power down it is no different from having a less powerful engine -- at least at lower speeds and in lower gears -- which partially defeats the purpose of having a more powerful engine.
  12. As I said, if you rely on traction control you are also not getting the power. If you have 4 wheels to put it down you get more power.
  13. You are also not getting the power.
  14. NOTHING runs to 60 in 2.5 seconds with power going to the rear wheels, period. You'll be lucky to get it in the mid 3 sec range with 60 treadwear tires, the right surface and perfect technique. However, that is not to say that power is unusable above the level that will give mid 3 sec performance. You are not going to break the tires loose at 60 mph or some reasonable speed, so AWD is simply extra drive train loss, extra weight and a tendency to understeer that needs to be manually or electronically managed.
  15. Forget the weak sauce "Blackwing" motor. GM needs to mate two 2.7T four porters at the crank for a 5.5L V8. Make the exhaust ports face the inside of the Vee and the Intakes on the flanks. A single Honeywell G42-1200 turbo in the middle will easily make 1000 bhp @ 5,800 rpm with 920 lb-ft @ 2,800~5,600 rpm. Piston speeds will be no different from the Silverado truck engine if the redline is kept at 6,100 rpm. Boost will be about 26.5 psi (1.7 bar). Should work well in the C8 Vette too, although it should probably be re-branded as a Caddy in that trim.

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