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  1. First of all, I am a CLIMATE DENIER. I do not believe in the Global Warming hypothesis. It is nonsense that the climate today is warmer than it has ever been or that it is in any way abnormal. The fact is that the Earth was warmer 800 years ago when there was practically no polar ice cap and the Norsemen were able to settle on Greenland. She was also warmer when the Step Pyramid was built, when the Minoans thrived, when the Dinosaurs walked the Earth and for countless periods in between. Perhaps more importantly, she has been warmer during most of these periods with half the CO2 in the air. Th
  2. That is only a problem with nitrogen storage catalysts. Urea Injection is an after treatment sprayed into the exhaust after the cat; $h! fuel is not going to hurt the tank or the sprayer. You may have trouble buying the Urea (aka DEF) if you used it up and peeing in there won't cut it. But, they typically last between 6000 and 9000 miles so if you top it off before the trip you should be fine.
  3. Nobody actually needs to remove anything in half of the modern diesels. These use urea injection not a nitrogen storage catalyst. This is favored in the USA because we do not really have true low sulfur diesel fuel and sulfur poisons nitrogen traps. The Urea is misted downstream of the cat and the ammonia in it converts oxides of nitrogen to nitrogen and CO2 (as well as some CO). When the Urea tank is empty the ECU knows and is supposed restrict vehicle operation (to 5 mph). THAT, however, is easily fixed with a software flash. It's as easy to detect as performance software on the ECU -- which
  4. I don't know how I became part this fray, but your outburst is nonsensical. I don't dislike you and I never left... I simply haven't found much to comment about on this tread lately exactly because of the prevalence of this kind of diatribe. My position on EV is very simple and it hasn't changed. (1) EVs do not currently make economic sense because of the cost of batteries exceeds the cost of fuel over the lifetime of the battery (and often times that of the vehicle). That is why they need subsidizes and tax bates to survive on the market. (2) EVs also do not make convenience se
  5. That's VERY a bad Photoshop job on the teeth...
  6. OK... given GM's announcement regarding their Ultium Battery architecture, my prescription for a practical EV will be:- 4 x Ultium Battery modules = 33 kWh (~80 mile electric range) = enough for 95% of US commuters 1 x 30kW Capstone (single stage unrecuperated) Microturbine = Ability to recharge battery to 90% capacity in 1 hour 16 gallon fuel tank will provide 230 mile of additional range for a total of 310 miles* *Note: With 16% thermal efficiency on the Turbine-Generator, 16 kg (5.56 gallons) of fuel is needed to produce 33kWh (or 80 mile range) using 12.9 kWh/kg Gasoli
  7. None of this would have happened if the Australians are smart and not fixated on "free trade" fallacies. Imagine a 50% import tax on cars made anywhere except Australia, plus making any purchase of durable goods over $1000 that is made in Australia tax deductible for income tax purposes! Suddenly, Holden makes perfect sense and importing US, Mexican or Chinese made Chevys makes zero sense. Not only that, you'll probably find at least two or three automakers like Toyota or VW setting up a factory in Aussieland. FREE TRADE = SUICIDE.
  8. Speaking of Turboelectric generators... Simplest (least efficient) is a turbocharger with a combustor between compressor and the turbine wheels. The shaft is then extended and a generator/starter added. Efficiency is going to be low because a single stage centrifugal compressor can generate a pressure ratio of maybe 4:1 (5:1 with advanced aerodynamics and larger sizings). Next up is a recuperated turbine (most common arrangement in the turbine generator world). That is we put a heat exchanger on the turbine exhaust and use it to heat air coming out of the compressor. This recover
  9. That only works if consumers actually want to buy EVs. Outside of Global Warming coolaid strongholds like California that is not really happening for three reasons. (1) People like the ability to refuel in 2 minutes vs recharge in 2-10 hours. (2) At today's costs the battery costs more than the lifetime gasoline cost of ICE powered cars. (3) Batteries with an energy density of about 0.8MJ/kg is simply not a direct replacement for gasoline at 46 MJ/kg. If you car carries the same weight in fuel as the Tesla Model S does in battery mass (1,200 lbs) it'll have an astounding range of 6,000 miles a
  10. He sure stopped for the better part of two years and we gave him ZERO sanctions relieve, no nuclear fuel and nothing but a bit of attention. Sure as hell beats paying tribute to the fat arse under Clinton or Obama!
  11. Not really. It doesn't work like that. The pie isn't "Chevy Sports car Buyers" and how to split it between a Camaro and a Speed. The pie has always been "$30~50K sports car buyer" and how to split it between all the relevant cars from every manufacturer. I'll be more worried for the Toyota/Subaru FT86, Toyota Supra, BMW M240i, etc. than I'll be for the Camaro or the Dodge Challenger. If GM wants market share they have to go steal it from the other gyus. The Camaro isn;t stealing anything except from maybe the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger.
  12. Three things... (1) There is no reason to believe that the Camaro is going anywhere. It is not expensive to keep making it on the same platform with refreshed sheetmetal. Sales are enough to sustain production. Heck, sales are higher than all of GM's EVs combined. (2) The SPEED is not really in the same segment. It is a 2-seat MR coupe; not a muscle car. Mid-engine doesn't really cost anything apart from a new platform and in many cases a new platform doesn't cost much if it is kept simple (like the Kappa). Anyone looking for a muscle car is not going to look at the SPEED or vice ver
  13. Don't worry, Orange Man is very smart.
  14. Not really... the Miata is neither fast nor mid-engine nor a hard top coupe.
  15. Here's an idea for Corvette's baby brother...

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