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  1. I said EXACTLY... then went on to implicate and berate a hero of the left from over 75 years ago without without actually naming him, his position or his political affiliation. But I guess it still hurts the moderator's leftist sensibilities.
  2. It is not a conspiracy that people -- including people wearing white coats -- jump on a bandwagon for expediency of repute, monetary or career gains. It is also not a conspiracy that practically ALL the repute, money and career opportunity for a "scientist" lies with supporting not contravening the Global Warming hypothesis and the massive political and social momentum it carries. As I have said, it is not very different from Wise Men supporting nonsense like the Earth Centric universe -- even Galileo (prudently) recanted his articulations to the contrary so he doesn't have to die or spen
  3. That's not exactly a bad thing. There is not much additional efficiency to be squeezed out of the ICE. The last thing we need is any more annoying, unreliable, unrefined and expensive "improvements" to get another 0.5 mpg. Anyone who had to put up with, or modify their cars to get rid of, Auto Start-Stop knows what I mean. Also, how has previously stellar Honda-Acura reliability been since they adopted those 1.5L turbo engines boosted to 21 psi in their Accord? I am sure their customers appreciate going from 5 stars to 3 stars...
  4. Why not? When it is not a problem to begin with and doing otherwise is hugely expensive and of minimal benefit? It is in fact silly to choose a vastly more expensive solution to what is essentially a non-problem. Put another way, we can totally clean up nuclear test sites rather than simply make them off limits. But it is a so expensive in exchange for a remote and largely useless plot of land you simply just put up a few signs and call it a day. Not just us, the Russians, the Chinese and everyone else does that. I have no problems with it. I'll rather talk about lead contamination of drinking
  5. Two things... We spend billions on placating environmental idiots on a non-issue -- that's nothing new. You can spend millions on trying to accommodate a turtle who leaves in an area bisected by a pipeline; it's as big and as tiny of a problem as you want to make it. That fact is that we can simply take all the wastes, pile in in a the desert with a roof over it. The world wouldn't end and for 99.9999999% of the population it wouldn't be within 200 miles of anything they do. Maybe you can't live with that. I can.
  6. Because when they don't say that or they lose their jobs, get ostracized and get no money for their labs? And, when they do they get tenure, get acclaimed and are showered with billions of research money? No, I am not high. Compared to other pollutants Nuclear Waste has never really been a problem even though environmental types like to make it the boogieman. Nuclear waste is COMPACT and SOLID. And, regardless of how toxic and/or radioactive they are, the Earth is a HUGE place and there is no shortage of arid and stable places where you can put them under shelter above the water table for
  7. For the Government types it's an excuse to pass laws, make regulations and divert funds to get industries to come to them to beg for relief, favors or handouts, thereby empowering and enriching themselves and their buddies? For people in White Coats it's billions of dollars in funding, adoration and maybe a prize from Stockholm vs losing your tenure, being ostracized and having no money? For Celebrities, Media morons and Joe the Tree Hugger its a convenient avenue to feel good about themselves and have others feel good about them? It's like the Medieval Church really... the King
  8. Waste has never been really a problem, there are plenty of arid places to dump them so they won't ever get into the ground water. The reason people don't build breeder reactors any more is because they are a pain to start up, shut down and refuel. The whole thing must be filled with molten sodium, if the reaction stops the sodium solidifies and the reactor is literally "bricked". The the question becomes how to you remove the molten sodium coolant without overheating the fuel rods or how do you remove the fuel rods without solidifying the sodium? The way the Russians did it on the Alfa submari
  9. (1) GOVERNMENT does not put it's own interest, that of its leaders and those of its minions over that of the people and their lives? Now, that's bona fide naïvety through and through. And, who reigns government in but us right wing, small government, capitalist pigs? Left wing Liberal types are all too willing to shower Government with more involvement, more power and more TRUST. (2) Again, the planet had been warmer than it is today and the world didn't end or become irreparable. As a matter of fact the last two times it was warmer, the Dark Ages ended and the Minoans thrived, respective
  10. Good to hear that you are for the ONLY energy source to have the energy density and persistence to power a post oil & gas civilization. Whether or not we believe that there is ANY need to reduce carbon emissions, there will come a time when fossil will become more costly than their alternatives as easily accessible reserves are depleted. When that happens, securing access to Uranium reserves will be the center of geopolitics... it's better that we start now that later. BTW, breeder reactors CAN blow up and melt down albeit not as easily as boiling water reactors of the 60s. As a matte
  11. LOL... #1, #2 and #3 are very accurate appraisals only perhaps too concise and generalized for your liking. As to #4 I have already articulated why I do not believe the Global Warming hogwash many times, but here's the very concise version. (1) The Earth had been warmer with half the CO2 and much colder with 10x the CO2 in the air. (2) As a matter of fact, ice core samples have shown that temperatures did not track CO2 levels going back beyond when Dinosaurs walked the Earth. (3) Hence, it is bogus to conclude that today's climate is either exceptional or linked to CO2 in
  12. He who makes rule gets to decide what it means? In this case, I suppose the absence of mention of any politician, political party, legislative agenda or election results makes it a philosophical discussion -- on green energy, transportation, climate change and healthcare -- rather than a political one?
  13. @ Drew Dowdell To put it concisely... here's the difference between You and I. (1) You believe that greedy individuals and greedy companies are not doing you any favors, hence GOVERNMENT is often a better alternative. (2) I believe that GOVERNMENT is also greedy organization comprised of greedy bastards, hence it is practically always a worse alternative because it has the power to compel its will upon you through fines, imprisonment and executions. (3) In short, you trust the ruling authorities and their minions to fight for the welfare of the people, I trust the individua
  14. Three things... (1) Government is not more likely to serve YOUR interest than private enterprise. Ultimately, both serve the interest of the leaders and minions of the organization first and everyone else second. (2) The difference between Government and Private enterprise is that the latter CANNOT COMPEL the consumption of, or payment for, their product or service on you. Government on the other hand CAN COMPEL you to pay for it through taxation. You do not have to use Microsoft windows or buy power from the private utility company however inconvenient that may be -- you can use Lin

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