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  1. This the awesome entrance I was able to be part of for the Wings of North Ga airshow. I Vol. At a flight Museum in Hixson and we flew down the T-28 Trojan Bravo model and a Early fifties Twin Beech, also known in this military form anC-45H. If there is enough intrest in such thing I have other stuff to post releated. Other forums I am part of apperantly have no intrest in such things if it is not fart and gay jokes. #internetisseriousbuisness On to the Show!
  2. What does your Desktop look like?

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  3. Cheers and Gears Podcast #2: Loose Screws and Nuts

    PodCast's are rated for Mature audiences only.
  4. Fumes: Talkin' About My Generation (and Cars)

    Truth is, there are people who simply enjoy that heavy thumping in their chest when a big blocked old muscle car goes by with that heavy cam lobe. And then the smell of burning tires in your nostrils as he rips twin marks down the road. I also find the quicker you get young kids involved in sights like these the better chance they too, become gearheads!
  5. Fumes: Talkin' About My Generation (and Cars)

    Personally, I think perhaps one of the reasons behind owning a car has changed for some people. Alot of people(young) now have help from mom and dad and get whatever is flashy and group approved by 20 somethings. The performance, comfort and overall experience of whatever car they get is not the front line reason for getting the vehicle anymore. Their status symbol is more important than the mechanics of the car itself. (driving a Ferrari because of the name and not the performance aspect) And the last bit of talkty talk I can think of. For some of our generation they buy whatever they can get, and two things will happen. They will either hate the vehicle or they will learn to enjoy it for what it is worth. Truth is we all can't just go out and get what we desire. Great thing about life is learning to live with what you can get. I can't say the Vision was a top choice when I was first looking for vehicles but nearly 7 years later I still own it and enjoy it. Cars have also fallen out of favor cause of laziness.The work involved in acquiring a car that fulfills your wants and defines your character is too much work. To make a car your own through modifications and or personalization also requires work and taste. People just want a car to look flashy and work with minimal involvement. Beyond that the radio better work and gas prices always need to be lower.
  6. Woods with 2wd Take 2

    Went up again. Needless to say once again the jeep exceed expectations. I wish the photos would convey what the jeep actually managed to get through. However, the day was not without damage. After riding for about mile and a half discovered my passenger side caliper was sticking badly. After finding the rock outcrop where I knew be sturdy enough to do the repairs. Ended up taking a hour to get off trail, find my nearest AZ and purchase a new reman. Got it fixed and continued commanding my way through some nasty stuff until we reached the point where 4x4 is a requirement. (signs will say 4x4 only $250 fine for violators.) I made the choice to turn around to avoid any issues with getting out. Point of turning around... Found this road which is mainly rock with a nice steepness to it. I was dared to try it believing the Jeep would not make it. I made my friends record for future Sh*ttalking. I wish the video would convey the angles but the Jeep made it up with a good deal of wheel spin (open Diff) but made it to the top Like a 2wd Boss Coming down was just as fun. Watch for some wheel tuck and the front tire standing still. Abs was having fun. Leaving the area and heading up the side of the mountain heading home I discovered my Driver side caliper decided to go ahead and lock up as well. So ended up on the side of the road and changing it as well. Left Home 10 this morning, arrived around 6. Not a Bay day. Not a Bad Day for my 2wd Jeep. Current score Trips/getting stuck. 2-0. Those front recovery hooks still being unuse!
  7. Aucun secteur de l'Automobile

    I do not know much about you or what your exact predicament is, but the above highlighted pretty much says alot. Seems your saying your too good to drive some "low-life ho-hum" car. So maybe you should just go buy some "High-Life" shoes and walk to wherever you need going since you cannot "derogate" yourself from such placment you are accustom to.. As much of a Auto enthusiast I am, I understand the basic principle of the automobile. Transportation, getting your butt from one area to another. I drive a Eagle Vision and a Jeep Cherokee respectively and while they may not be the excitement I long for, I sure as heck get my moneys worth out of them. They may not be the cars to be "seen" in but they do their job and do it well. Beats walking or sticking my thumb out. And for what it is worth, the 1993 Eagle was bought in 2005 for 1K with 108,000 miles. Now in 2012 it has 201K miles and runs better than when I got it. My 1997 Jeep was a gift, mostly given to me so it would not sit and slowly die. Both cars over time have had many factory upgrades, modifications, and the absolute snot beat out of them. Don't need a mountain of debt I blame the government on, to enjoy daily my commute. Perhaps you have forgotten, it isn't truly not what you drive, but how you drive it.
  8. Who needs 4wd to have fun?

    Changed out the real Diff Fluid today. I have always had the inkling that after any useage in deep-ish water/Mud lower end fluids should be changed. Was not entirely dirty but looked to be old fluid for sure. Waiting for the RTV to set before adding new fluid in.
  9. Who needs 4wd to have fun?

    I myself udnerrated the capabilites of the 2wd jeep. I found and installed the front Tow/recovery hooks in case I ever got stuck so I would have proper areas to be pulled out with. I didn't even get to use them to my surprise. The 2wd Xj I was with did a good job as well. I expected it to do better due to being lighter than my Grand Cherokee. Thinking a locker or limited slip in the rear, better tires and a minor lift would improve it enough to my liking. The only bad thing is, the Jeep has good paint. And I afriad constant wood use will ruin it. But, now I know it is able to do it I want to go more.
  10. Who needs 4wd to have fun?

    Ever since I got the 97 ZJ I've been itching to have it earn it's Jeep name under my care. Today, it did just that. I managed not to get stuck at all, and hit some pretty nice trails. Here are just a few photos and vids. Both Jeeps are 2wd, we had a Friend come with us that had a Dodge Ram Diesel 4x4 but a pin hole leak in his radiator ended his fun at the start of the trail. I will say, with low tread front tires, basically new rear tires (used) the Jeep exceed my expectations. Once it made it through one area I would go further in to see how far she could go. But what really got me, I started the jeep around 11 o clock, and did not turn it off til after 4 after traveling 20 miles there and back, then playing around for 3-4 hours and I barely used any fuel. I started with 3/4 tank and now just lil close to the half way mark. Showing off that stock flex! End Report Present left by jeep in waffle house parking lot. For what it is worth, I realize the trails were not that hardcore, but was what I considered beyond a Stock Jeeps limits atleast a 2WD at that. For those wondering, Jeep did not have fog lights factory, or Front recovery tow hooks. I am one foglight and Autoheadlamp sw away from having them.
  11. Hey new guy

  12. Hey new guy

    Do not re iterate your past experiences with mine... Running out of quick, witty rebuttals.
  13. Hey new guy

    Never said your mom was any good.
  14. Hey new guy

    Well, back in the day your mom explained it quiet nicely. Just put it in.
  15. Hey new guy

    Year, clearly shoulda stuck with 1G parts.

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